Day 670 Vienna Austria

This weekend I visited a friend in Vienna.

I have been to Vienna one year ago, and this time I visitied a lot of places the tourists do….for example the Museumsquartier and other exhibitions and museums as the Pratermuseum. In the museum of the prater was a picture of Julia Pastrana and one of Annie Jones. Both had been exhibited in the Prater. Annie Jones came here in 1900 with Barnum und Baileys, when they were touring Europe. And Julia Pastrana was already dead and stuffed when being shown!!

This weekend the weather was finlly fine and sunny….I visited the place where they have the best icecream of Vienna at Schwedenplatz and together with my friend Siran we made long walks in the park. The woman she shares the flat with is from Tibet and she was cooking for us some typical meals from Tibet. Yesterday she made some kind of nudles, or in German they are called Maultaschen, and in Tibet they call them Momo. “MOMO”. It is interesting, how many countries have similar food and each claims to be the inventor of this meal…as Ravioli, Maultaschen or Momo are all quite similar….
We visited the Hundertwasserhaus and the Jesuitenpark and I liked both a lot. The park is a great place to be with kids, as there are a lot of interesting playgrounds, some are good for the grown ups too.Tomorrow I have to go back to germany again, but I hope to come back soon, as I really like Vienna. How about reactions there? I had the impression that one year later now, after having been quite often in TV the people got also used to a woman with beard in Vienna. The reactions were less than before. Some Teenies talked after passing me that they wonder if this was a man or a woman….a turkish man asked me if the beard is real or fake and couldn´t believe that I don´t want to shave as the turkish women do….and he hit his hand in a gesture against his forehead to show how crazy he thinks this is…..


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