Day 679

At my friends place there was a big plague with mice. About two weeks ago we cleaned the cupboards and all over the place was a lot of shit from the mice, clothes and food were full of dirt and bitten….it took a couple of days to clean the whole….now two weeks later, the landlord closed some of the holes and one wardrobe had to be thrown out as it was too smelly. We put up 15 traps for the mice! Now it is easy to see if they are back again…There are two cats living at the place but not capable to eat all the mice, as there are too many.  My friends don´t want to kill the mice, thats why they will be trapped in these traps as on the picture and then put out in the wilderness again…..well….hopefully they do not find the way back! And hopefully the traps won´t be closed as the one on the picture!

The weekend I visited my mum and I realised how different the people react on someone unusual as me with a beard. The north of germany around Hamburg people seem to hold back much more there emotions, than people in the south of germany where my mum lives. In the south they were laughing and talking in the train loudly, easy to come into contact with the people in the south whereas the people in the north are quiter in the train and not so easy to open up for unknown people….I know it is not such a good thing to put people into boxes and to say north and south and men and women…are like this and this…but this was what I observed while travelling in the train….and on the streets while walking the same …..

Even though I love sometimes to provoke and to see how people react when I walk with the beard in the streets, this time I just wanted to walk unseen and to be in peace and not to have people starring at me or laughing….I even had the thought for a moment, to cut off the beard just to have my peace….and then again I thought what a nonsence to cut off the beard because of peoples reactions!!

The past days I was thinking a lot about what we human beings collect and keep for the moment we might need it in the future. How much time we spend on caring, sorting and keeping things. And how difficult it is for most people to let go off things that they kept for long.I had often helped to sort out and to help creating new systems to find things and sort them…

Sometimes we keep things for so long until they rot away. I found some toys from my childhood at my mums house and the ballons were so hard, that you could not blow them up anymore, a ball made of rubber was hard too and not to be used anymore. If we keep things too long then they change their structure, colors dry out, cosmetics as creams smell funny and old…It is an illusion to think that we could conserve things and the emotions that are connected with them for ever and ever.

The places of my childhood have changed, the atmosphere is different, buildings have been torn down, new ones were build, people have died or moved…everything is in movement – all the time – no stagnation….live goes on and on and what was of interest is no more and my attention goes to new things….

I was happy to see the toys of my childhood. But this time of childhood felt long ago, like another life…and I was ready to let go and throw away some of the things that I kept much too long…..for the future…what future??

If I look back in the past, then I have no energy for the now. What is most important is to be here and now. If I am here with all my attention and senses, then I do not need to conserve anything from now. The experience with all my attention is enough and will give me a rich experience. And later- I don´t know if I want to concentrate on old things and the past….Later I want to focus on something I do not know today….and the travel of live goes on and on….

While looking at the things from past times I am dreaming of fleamarkets where everyone brings what he doesn´t need anymore and gives away freely. If we could let go and away without being afraid to have to little – it feels peaceful and loving…..Everyone could be sure to get what he or she needs always….There is always enough for everyone……..

So many things are just stored and not used, while other people could use them….

There are some places in Germany already where people give away things, as the UMSONSTLADEN or a page in the internet called “Alles-und-umsonst”…..and hopefully there will be more in the future.


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