Day 685 Bremerhaven and Bremen

Now these days I am travelling with a mobilehome in the north of Germany. Trying to find a nice place to live …..great experience to sleep in the car under the sky with all the stars – I love that – out there being in the nature…but it is very hard to find nice and legal places! In Germany everything is under rules and if you have a camper there are places to be but you need to pay around 10 or 20 euros, in order to be there and get water, electricity and so on. The time of the gypsies is over since the second world war, I guess…..they cleaned the country and left it to be clean up to today!

I am looking for a nice place with old architecture, a lot of nature and the possiblity to be working there….

On sunday I went up to Wangerland which I did not like. Too straight and modern, concrete all over and the northsea is grey and dirty……sad …. on the picture you see the houses and trees cut like done with the ruler on paper…Then I went to Bremen and around the town by bike. I love most the Schnoor where there are old houses from around 1600. And I love the Neustadt with houses looking like in England! 

In Germany I miss more of the romatic views as you have them in the south of europe…..the germans like to make plans and use the straight line in building…..

Konditorei Schröters im Schnoor Bremen

Very creativ is Konditorei Schröters, in Schnoor in Bremen, where you can watch them making the praliness ..


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