Day 699 Bremen

The last days I spend in Bremen on the Breminale, a festival with circus, music and more…Sonnday in  the evening it was over and the tents were taken down…..

Saturday and sunday I watched the performances of Circo Paniko

SUPER!! I liked it a lot. Great artists, music, jonglage, clowns and much more, you can watch videos on youtube of them.

The sunday I was sitting between the tent of Twisted Fairground and next to the tent of Circo Paniko on a chair and tried to earn money as a bearded lady. I offered to take a picture with or of me and to give some tip. Well it did not work well….for earning money, I just got 3,50 euro for the whole afternoon! But people were amused and smiled….Well Germany hasn´t got a story of sideshows as the US or England. I offered my postcards with a picture of me, and sold one! But I had a lot of fun trying this and watching the reaction of the people!

One of the artists told me that it  is an experience and that another place can bring more money…..I think too if there are tourists in a town like Berlin, Paris or so…then it would be better.

Initially I was thinking to do this with a polaroid camera, but now they do not produce the films anymore, and old ones are being sold on ebay for 2 euor per picture, so too much. Hopefully they will produce them again one day. Now I am preparing to go to france to a festival in Chalon sur Saone where a lot of people are going to show what they perform on the street. Circus Panico will be there too and also Twisted Fairground another group that I have seen in Bremen, who do a great show too.


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