Some photos of the stand fot the BEARDED WOMAN.

These pictures are not the best and also the stand will be improved. In a while I will put some more pictures on the blog.

You can book me now with the stand for festivals or markets. Just write to the email adress you find under the contact above and I will tell you the details. I speak and understand several languages. English, German, French and some Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I thick you will look more cool if you take a photo with the sikhs and put on a turban. Vivian wheeler did take a photo with the sikhs in the last video of guinness world record but without a turnban. The sikhs will welcome you as there are many sikh temples in Germany. Sikhs do not cut their facial hair as it is one of the tenents of their religion. You will be the first sikhwomen with beards in a sikh temple and they will be proud of you. You don’t need to embrace sikhism and I am sure this will encourage more sikh women to grow their beards. Perhaps you can be their icon. Hope you will visit a sikh temple and take a photo with them.

    All the Best

  2. Hi,
    I saw a photo of a Caucasian American woman converted to sikhism at 3HO at new Mexico (America) with a turban and a kid with full beard with her husband. Her long beard could rival that of Vivian Wheeler and she looks very cool and beautiful. I hope more women should visit the sikh temple and admire the beautiful sikh beards. Hope that more sikh women will grow out their beard. There are very few photos of sikh women with beards. Hope someone would post some photos in this site.

    All the Best to Women with Beards

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