Day 722

Today I came back from Chalon sur Saone in France where I spent the last days on the Chalone dans la rue festival. A festival for theatre in the street, circus and related things. I loved it. It was really great! Too much to see it all. A lot of creative people. An atmosphere and so inspiring, would love to have this always and every day!!

Circo Paniko and Twisted Fairground, the people I met in Bremen offered me to put up my stand next to them. And it fittet well to the themes of Twisted Fairground a fair around 1900. A time when the bearded lady had also her place on the fairgrounds. I offered the people to enter into my little world of bearded ladies. To talk to me or to get a palmreading.

In front of these buildings the group “Coliflor” played and showed their skill in acrobatics in the afternoons. A great show with a very sexy bearded lady – a man dressed as a woman anouncing the fight between two men. They are amazing in the acrobatic they do. One man of the group accompanies the play with the sound of the sitar. This group is amazing! I love to see them. They have a second play which they showed in the circus tent. And if you want to see them you will have the opportunity if you come to Kopenhagen to Christiania in August, 5th to 7th.


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