Report Tonight on VOX TV Germany – Repetition Focus TV

Tonight 28th of August to sunday night 29th of August, there will be on VOX TV in Germany, Focus TV “the night of the destiny”….VOX, FOCUS TV: Nacht des Schicksals, some parts of “Faszination Leben” from 0:30h to 5:10h repeatet.

Also the one about me with the titel “Vollweib mit Vollbart” . It will be around 1:15 starting…..


Femme à barbe – Bearded Woman – Video of the stand

Here are two little videos of my stand in Chalon, that I just received. Thanks to Letti!!!

A short impression, how the stand of the Bearded Woman looks in the inside and from the outside……

Day 736 Christiania and a photo from Bremen

I stayed in Christiania till today. During the festival we hardly had any rain, but now the last day the rain was so heavy that I could not put down the stand. Now everything is in the car again and I am driving back south to Germany. It had been great to visit Christiania.  It is a very special place with very different sides. I like it how free the people are living here.  A paralell world to the “normal” world. As the world of the artists. I like it how much more space these people give for their emotions, fun, music, party and just enjoying live. More free. They live with a minimum of material things, which allows to be more free as well. Often they have very little money or none, and still it is working and lives goes on….It needs a lot of trust in the flow of life to live like this. And it is worth it!!

People have different themes in their lives. For some it is important to have freedom and for others it is perhaps the opposite to be in a secure job and in fixed structures. Some need it and some hate it. And it is good as it is, this makes live interesting having all these varieties. The picture here has been taken with some people of Circo Paniko and I just received it now.

Day 731 – 2 Years with a beart

Today, two years ago I decided to stop plugging out the hair in my chin and to let grow a beard. Now it is two years that I did not take off the beard. I did sometimes cut it, but not plug or shave.

Today the danish Newspaper POLITIKEN printed an article about the circusspectaculum in Christiania and the people who are performing there. On the frontpage of the cultural part of the newspaper is a huge picture of me. A beautiful foto. You find the articel HERE. But the beautiful photograph I did not find online. A bit later Marion send me a link to the website of Laerke Posselt, the photographer and there is another beautiful picture from the fotoshooting , if you scroll down.

Day 727 Copenhagen

A long travel and now I arrived in Christiania to participate in the Circusfestival with my little stand.

Since many years I wanted to visit Christiania, as I was very interested in the different ways of living and in alternative comunities. I just saw a part of it, and my impression is that it has really different areas there.  Wonderful little houses in the middle of green, as I saw it once in a kibbutz in Israel. I like this way of living in the middle of the nature. And then there are also not so nice corners….lot of contrast, many tourists walking around, as Christiania is one of the attractions in Copenhagen.

The group of peope organising the festival are very nice and supporting the artists very well. In the morning we were all together cleaning the place where the festival will take place and the big tent of the Circo Paniko was built up.  The Festival will start the 5th of August.

I arrived in Copenhagen with the last money I had, as some money I am waiting for had not yet arrived. And what I did not know the bridge on the way to Copenhagen costs 220 Kronen which is around 35 euro and with a bigger car it is even more. So quite expensive to come to Kopenhagen….. The bridge is called Storebeltbruecke.

I went into a supermarket and looked at the prices and I have the impression that many things are more expensive than in Germany, but perhaps the people earn more in Denmark?