Day 727 Copenhagen

A long travel and now I arrived in Christiania to participate in the Circusfestival with my little stand.

Since many years I wanted to visit Christiania, as I was very interested in the different ways of living and in alternative comunities. I just saw a part of it, and my impression is that it has really different areas there.  Wonderful little houses in the middle of green, as I saw it once in a kibbutz in Israel. I like this way of living in the middle of the nature. And then there are also not so nice corners….lot of contrast, many tourists walking around, as Christiania is one of the attractions in Copenhagen.

The group of peope organising the festival are very nice and supporting the artists very well. In the morning we were all together cleaning the place where the festival will take place and the big tent of the Circo Paniko was built up.  The Festival will start the 5th of August.

I arrived in Copenhagen with the last money I had, as some money I am waiting for had not yet arrived. And what I did not know the bridge on the way to Copenhagen costs 220 Kronen which is around 35 euro and with a bigger car it is even more. So quite expensive to come to Kopenhagen….. The bridge is called Storebeltbruecke.

I went into a supermarket and looked at the prices and I have the impression that many things are more expensive than in Germany, but perhaps the people earn more in Denmark?


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