Day 736 Christiania and a photo from Bremen

I stayed in Christiania till today. During the festival we hardly had any rain, but now the last day the rain was so heavy that I could not put down the stand. Now everything is in the car again and I am driving back south to Germany. It had been great to visit Christiania.  It is a very special place with very different sides. I like it how free the people are living here.  A paralell world to the “normal” world. As the world of the artists. I like it how much more space these people give for their emotions, fun, music, party and just enjoying live. More free. They live with a minimum of material things, which allows to be more free as well. Often they have very little money or none, and still it is working and lives goes on….It needs a lot of trust in the flow of life to live like this. And it is worth it!!

People have different themes in their lives. For some it is important to have freedom and for others it is perhaps the opposite to be in a secure job and in fixed structures. Some need it and some hate it. And it is good as it is, this makes live interesting having all these varieties. The picture here has been taken with some people of Circo Paniko and I just received it now.


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