Day 765 Florence

Now I am in Florenz together with Circo Paniko. We are in Villa Stozzi in Florenz from the 7th to the 10th of September. From the 3rd to the fifth we had been in Parma: Tutti Matti per Colorno.

Florenz is a town that has a lot of traffic and is not easy to find the way. It took some hours till I arrived at the place of Villa Strozzi.

It is a great place in a park. Beautiful. I am a bit exhausted from travelling and between the last event in Colorno and this one there was not really time to relax. so I feel that I am looking forward to charge my batteries and to have a rest after these days in Florence.

I love a lot to do this job, talking to the people about bearded ladies, or to read from the palm and assist them on their path.

The respond is very positive and I am happy to have this opportunity to build up next to the Circus. Thanks to all the beautiful people from Circo Paniko who give me this opportunity and make it possible, that I can make this experience!!

This morning, when I woke up a group of young children where already waiting in front of my caravan. They wanted to see the woman with the beard. And they said to me that it must be a fake. I said no, they did not want to believe its real and that I am a woman. Then they discussed if my hair on the head would be fake. And one of the boys was convinced my breasts were balloons filled with water!! – Amazing. Are they used that the reality is a fake. Now this what seems fake is real!!

In the end they believed me. And asked further who lives with me in the car and who is driving it. As I said I live alone and it is me who is driving the car, they were even more surprised and the girl said, but it is the men who drive the car not the women!!

Is the education in Italy in these days still like in ancient times, very traditional…? Well a least it seems it is in this family…


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