Day 774 From Italy to Austria

In Italy there was another event with Circo Paniko in Borselli on the 17th and 18th of September. But me I got sick with a heavy caugh and the air was too bad for my lungs. I went to the doctor, in the night and he wrote me a prescription with antibiotika and painkillers and acetylcastein and claritromycina and caughing liquid too manydifferent products….Usually I do not take these things but this time I felt too bad and I took some of the things…not all…because it was really too much! And after two days I felt better already.

In Italy it is the second time that I have problems with the lungs. Another year I stayed for several month at the Gardalake in Tignale and around the coastline of the lake for kilometers the pinetrees are full with caterpillars PROZESSIONSRAUPEN. It is a kind of caterpillars with long hair, that are walking in a chaine and build a white nest in the pinetrees. They have long hair that are causing heavy allergies, such as red spots on the skin and asthma, as to mention some. Histamin from the little hair of the caterpillar is causing these reactions and if you are sensitive to Histamin then even more. So I got Asthma from these little creatures. The doctor at the lake told me no this is just an infektion told me to take Antibiotika and Antihistaminika…but it did not disappear. I went to a hospital there they said it is an asthmatik reaction. Did not believe again that it is caused by caterpillars. And even in Germany back in Berlin at the Charitee the doctor did not believe in this.

Sorry the doctors are somtimes so stupid. Just believing what they know. Not open to learn new things and not from the clients!If you surch the internet you find that even forestworkers are told to protect as they easily have contact either by pine or by oaks that both can have this kind of caterpillar.

So Asthma caused some years ago and I thought it is over I do not get it again, but it started again with the bad air in combination with an infection. The air in Italy is not so clean. Too much traffic and exhaustfumes from factories make a mixture that easily has an effect on the lungs. In the pharmacies in Italy you can find much more products and machines for the lungs, than in Germany. Many people, I guess have problems with the lungs in Italy. And the doctors give antibiotika, but do not think that it is all caused by bad air! If they changed the laws and minimize the exhausts than people would have less lung problems.

As soon as I had left Florenz area and was up high in the mountains the caughing had disappeared! A sign it was the air not the infection! And always when I stayed too long in areas with lots of traffic as parkings on the motorway or in towns that were in a lower area the caughing started again. So around Ravenna it was good, but around Bologna the air again was too dirty…..and now in Austria I am in the mountains and feeling so much better.

I had a good time with  the circus and I love the people a lot. But now I will go my own way for a while till I meet them again….because for this year, as far as I know there would not be any possibility to work again with the circus as the season is over. It was a special and great experience for me to have the opportunity to be close to the circus and to work in my hut. They gave me the chance to grow more. And I think I have grown inside a lot the past two months. Thanks a lot to everyone and to Damian who gave me the inspiration for the hut! Love to all of you!


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