In the beginning there was light – Movie

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT – AM ANFANG WAR DAS LICHT, this is the titel of the new movie by Mr. Straubinger. Yesterday this movie started to be on in the cinemas in Austria, (in Germany this movie will start the 28th of october 2010) and I am not informed how long it will take until this film is also in english in the cinemas. Today I just was in the mood to go to the cinema. And under all the action movies and the film people like to watch to be drawn into another world…was this film. It was the first day and only about 30 people were watching it with me. I hope that the coming days more and more people will come to see this film, as it is really good and I hope that the filmakers earn a lot to go on making films like this!

More information about this movie on this Webseite sorry in German.

I loved this film I felt myself supported in things that I felt and thought before. I found explanations for experiences I had also made. I think the more people believe in something the more it becomes possible. The morphogenetic field connects all of us, all the conciousness of all the people and so if we all believe in something it will materialise. In books of Rupert Sheldrake you can find more information about the morphogenetic field and in the internet too.

This stuborness of some scientist is really shocking. They are behaving as in times where they still believed that the earth is flat! Were is the interest in real investigation. They found some things and now they stick with them and make a law of it, instead understanding that there is so much more possible and waiting to be discovered!

Changing the point of view, is threatening as the whole world they did build up starts to shake and there is no more the ground that they build up themselves.
If more people would live on light, then it would change the society. Many factories and buisinesses could close. People that do not need to drink or eat! Most of our energy we need to earn money to buy food and drink and if we would not need to do this anymore, than we could be so free! Have so much time for other things!! Great to imagine this. And the nature would also recover!

There are studies that had been made about people not drinking and not eating for many years and the responsable people did not want to publish them. I think people  who have the money and power are not interested in publishing this as it will change their lives. And they love to have money and power.

Well anyway, I wanted to say go and see the movie yourself as soon as you can!! I believe it will change a lot!


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  1. Hi, I was looking to get this movie on dvd. Do you know if it has english subtitles?

    Thank you,

  2. Yes, i would also love to know if there are English subs somewhere to be found??

  3. I think at the end of January 2012 it will be in the cinemas in English. sells the german DVD but the subtitles of the DVD that I posess are only in German. Sorry but I do not know more. Guess that in 5 or more months the english version should be on the market.

  4. Okay, thank you for your reply. 🙂

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