Nachtcafe TV

The theme of the NACHTCAFé with  Wieland Backes on friday the 26th of November 2010 will be:

“Fürs Leben gezeichnet”. (scarred for life)

You can see me in the beginning, during the first ten minutes.

To be seen in Germany, perhaps afterwards online….

In TV Chanel: SWR 3:

Friday November, 26th 2010, 22:00 Uhr – 23:30 Uhr

and again on :

Saturday November, 27th 2010 12:20 – 14:50 Uhr

HERE you can see the show.


Hire a Bearded Woman!

You can hire me for your festivals in Europe or other parts of the world, Australia would be great…..

I offer a stand in the style of a Medieval Tent – and a HUT around 1900 as on the markets at that time.

I exhibit myself as a bearded woman and show pictures of bearded women from the history and tell stories about them.

This is accompanied by palmreading and aurareading, if people wish to have a session they can have one and pay for it.

In the medieval tent there is no exhibition with photos, just a bearded lady doing readings.

Photos of the medieval tent will be on this side soon. Photos of the hut and a little video you can see down here:

If you want to contact me there is a mailadress in the contact above or just write a comment and I will come back to you. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you!