Newspapers reaction on the Datingshow

I found an article that made me laugh: The Berliner Kurier and the Hamburger Morgenpost published an article  on the 5th of July 2011 with the following titel:

Sensational discovery

Jesus by Da Vinci looks like the bearded lady of Britts Dating Show

and this picture:

Well I like the comparison to Jesus. It is not the first time someone has this thought….

Another article was in Bildzeitung . If not a friend of mine had told me, I would not have known this, as I usually do not read this paper. Online I found the article as well.

In the article they say that the man who would be my partner should not have fear of stubbly kisses! Well I did not know that a beard is stubbly!…These newspapers! They like to write thinhs like that and make fun of the people. I did not like that they did put my picture opposite of a woman that had lost her teath in an accident and that they made jokes about her and me…and did see us as freaks. In Germany, these days, people like to point to others and laugh about them in order to feel better themselves. It is sad.


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