Circus, Clowns and Theater – Fusion 2011

Here are some impressions of the groups that had been on the Casbah Site of this years Fusion Festival in Lärz Germany.

I love the performance of : TRES PUNTOS Y APARTE

Four people from Spain, are performing a piece that is a mixture of Clown and Acrobatics. It is very loving, about realtionship and living together. It is funny and suitable for children. Here some impressions:

The Circus El Grito from Italy and Belgium:

An interview with Fabiana and Giacomo from Circus El Grito in French:

Another group from Spain PARAMO CERO:

Cirque Gones from France:

Twisted Fairground from Great Britain and Spain ….they are presenting a Side Show that is located in the time around 1900:

another video from Martha Pueche about Twisted Fairground:

There have been more groups performing on the Fusion, but for today this should be enough….


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