Tutti Matti per Colorno 2011

Also this year there will be the festival in Colorno called Tutti Matti per Colorno which I did visit last year. It is a great festival! Here is the trailer for this year:


Lili Refrain – Music that I Like

Lili Refrain is from Italy and she makes a music that is difficult for me to describe. She plays the E- guitar and sings and the sound is amazing, sometimes psychedelic, not from this world, then again sounds like rockmusic…..But listen yourself!

I love her album with the titel “9”.  In Europe you can buy it HERE.

There is a site on Myspace  where you can listen to Lilis Musik. And there is also a chanel on Youtube where there is a lot to hear and to see from Lilirefrain!

unacceptable beards –

unacceptable beards

If most people in this society think your facial hair is unacceptable, this is the place for you. We want to show you that there are more of us out there than we thought. We want to smash down the idea that some facial hair on some people is not okay because it is. IT IS NOT GROSS, DISGUSTING, OR SOMETHING ONLY CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS CAN HAVE! This was formally fuck yeah bearded ladies BUT HEY NOT ALL OF US ARE LADIES. So that title wasn’t cool.

Woman talks about her chin hair

Dana talks about her chin hair.



Barbara Karlich Show

I just read that this afternoon in the austrian TVon ORF 2 they showed the repetition of the Barbara Karlich Show with the titel: Women return to your natural being. This is the Link to the page with a movie. I don´t know if you can see it. I was not able to watch it in france. 

Tonight the 3rd of August there will be another repetition at 3:40Uhr in ORF 2. Here is the announcement from ORF for the show:

Women return to your natural being
Christine, 32, Naildesinger from Ebenthal in Kärnten,
would have said no, if a man had asked her to

let her bodyhair grow. To her it is clear: This is very uneroc! “God did invent the underarmhair but he also invented the shaver for to eliminate them!”

Mariam, 47, artist from Narhendorf close to Hamburg,
did long time quarrel with her male look. Now she has accepted and let her beard grow since two years.  “The beard is a part of me. I do not want to adapt anymore. Women that fight her natural outlook are basically feeling unsecure”, she sais.

Day 1092

On my way up to the north of Germany, I made a stop in the french Vosges. I visit a friend who is taking care of the goats for a week on a Woof farm. It is a beautiful landscape here and great for a relaxing time. On Woof farms there is always something to do and to support the people that live there. Usually you work some hours a day and get food and bed in exchange. Me I help by doing some cooking and cleaning.

The farm is very old around 16oo something.  There are a lot of animals living here, goats, sheep, chicken that have little ones and also the peakocks have little ones….horses and other. They make goatcheese and grow vegetables for their own requirement. Even though the farm is alone in the countryside and it could be lonely, it is not, as there are always coming visitors, friends or Woofers. So it is very interesting to exchange and meet people from all over the world.

One thing that was very fascinating to me is the sink in the kitchen, very old and made of stone. The water runs down in a pipe outside the house and the chicken and geese pick out the food they find there in the wastewater running down. It gives me a feeling out of time and space. A time when life was different without machines….and I wish whenever I have a house to build a similar sink.

In the night you can hear the crickets and sometimes the call of the peacock. The call is a very special and beautiful sound. If you want to hear what it sounds like there is a link here.It is the call of the male peacock. HIER you can listen to it :  http://www.soundarchiv.com in the Soundarchiv, there are all kind of sounds to listen to! I like that!