I am in Italie with the circus  El Grito. After the festival in Colorno we went south to Macerata. The cars are slow and we drive with 60 to 75 km on the motorway in a row with all the circuspeople. Around midnight we stop on a parking and sleep till the early morninghours to drive on.
The following day is really hot and humid. 34 Celsius! And the landscape is dry the plants change more and more to be mediteranian. In the early afternoon we reach Macerata.
is in the mountains close to Ancona. From the distance the old city is to be seen up on the hills. It is a city which has been kept in the old style and old buildings are restored. I am much impressed! A perfect town to make a movie! Beautiful old buildings, small roads and tiny little ones … I am in the mood to go around and see the city!

Das Zirkuszelt muss zuerst errichtet werden und mit dem Presslufthammer werden Löcher in das Kopfsteinpflaster gebohrt. The place on which the tent of the circus is being build up is not straight and so there is more work. As well there have to be done holes in the pavement to make the tend stand….Many helpers are there and it is really a hard work that is being done.


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