Taking down the tent and a pause

The circus is taking down the tent today at Castelfiorentino….it is quite hard with these temperatures and people tell me last year around that time it was colder. The weather around the world is unexpected, storms, rain and dryness in places where people did not expect them to be so extreme.
There will be a pause till the end of september when we all meet again in Firenze. There will be more artists as Circo Paniko und Cauliflor (!) in Firenze in Parco Dell ´Anconella.

In Parco dell´Anconella will be: El Grito with “20 DECIBEL” e “Scratch & Stratch”, Circo Paniko with “Giostra Panika”, Coliflor with “SALIR”, EIA with “CAPAS” e ancora Caravan Kermesse, Maria Peligro, Tedavi ’98, Jenny Rombay, Natcho Flores, La Donna Barbuta, Simone Romanò, Eddi.
Until this time everyone does what he likes, relaxing in nature, visiting friends and family. Its good to have a pause, as travelling with the circus is romantic in a way but also hard. To build up and down again and again, you must be enthusiastic to do that! Every place has a differnet atmosphere and conditions. Unexpected situations that are not always as you want it to be. Perhaps the showers and toilet are not acceptable, or other things as noise during day and night are disturbing. Another time the caravan is in the sun and it is difficult to sleep well…And I like these changing situations, they keep me flexibel and I learn to break throu old patterns and to accept the unknown and different. Growing…. and learning all the time….I love that!


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