Interesting coincidences

In Italy a woman told me that her grandfather was on a ship to America at the end of the 19th century. On the ship he met a bearded woman. In America he toured around with her to show that Darwin was right with his theory. Thats what the woman told me. I did not find the book yet, might be possible in a library in italy to find it. The name of the man was Angiolo Passaponti and he wrote a book about his life “Note autobiografiche” (42pages) called “the story of my life”. I would like to know what the name of the bearded woman was that he met and if it is a woman that I already know. Well if someone reads this and has informatin I will be glad if you tell me.

Another woman I met in Italy told me the story of a woman around 50 years of age that had seen me last year in Florence and that was fascinated to see me. She said to her she looked at me and realized how beautiful I look with the beard and she told herself: ” I am an idiot, all the years I was fighting with my facial hair and now look at this how beautyfull it looks!”


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