New Book of Isha Judd

Below is a sneak peek at Isha’s new book, “Love Has Wings”. Will be published May 2012, by New World Library.

The Evolution of Consciousness

In the beginning, we look for answers. We dwell in the illusory. We do what society says we should do, or, conversely, we rebel and do the opposite. We create families and build businesses, yet no matter what we achieve externally, we still feel there is something missing. For some, this inconformity comes as a deafening shout; for others, as a niggling unrest at the back of their minds; but the feeling is the same: there must be more, there must be more. The heart yearns for something greater.

At first we try to change the external. Some try physical transformation, others seek change in the realm of politics, through society, or within the family; we are constantly trying to reform the outside. When something makes us uncomfortable — whether it’s the beggar on the street, the annoying neighbor, or an ex-lover — we try to turn a blind eye to it or remove it from our lives . . . but it keeps coming back, again and again, so again we try to change it. If we have an argument or we dislike something, what do we do? We separate ourselves from that person or thing. We keep separating and separating until at some point we realize that we keep repeating the same patterns. The reason is that everything external is an aspect of ourselves. Finally we realize, we have to take a different approach.

Imagine you are a projector shining your light onto a blank wall. Then imagine that a slide is put into your slot, with an image of violent conflict. In dismay, you turn away to avoid the image, yet the same image continues to appear on the new surface you now face. You break down the wall, and the image continues to project onto the wall behind. You run away, yet you carry the image with you, and it is reflected back wherever you go. Such is the futility of our attempts to change the world: we will never be satisfied until we go inward and change our slide.

At the age of twenty-eight I lost everything. At the time I thought it was the worst year of my life, but in reality it was the best. It was the greatest gift I could have received, because it brought me to find myself. I had to find something more secure, and that something was unconditional love. That’s who we are; it lies within us. When we start to heal, we find this place. It’s not just a peaceful, sweet place where we feel joy; it’s also the place that has all the answers. It knows the truth, it speaks from omniscience, and when you start to connect with this place, this space of unity, you discover yourself, your true essence. This is what the heart aches for.

Today, life is moving at an ever-increasing pace. As our capacities to communicate and to consume accelerate, so does the collective seeking of humanity. The onslaught of entertainment, advertising, and distraction is coming so fast and so furious that ultimately we have to give up our attempts to find comfort there. We have to go in and find what we are really looking for: the experience of love-consciousness, the unlimited energy that connects us with totality. We have to start becoming creators and take total responsibility for our lives instead of constantly blaming the external. The way we do that is to heal and come back to our true nature, which is emptiness, vibrating in love. Abundance vibrating in love.

Future transformation is not important. What is important is what we’re choosing in this moment. Ask yourself these questions: Am I choosing love? Am I choosing to be responsible? Am I choosing to change my life? Am I putting unconditional love above everything and trusting in that? When I see external insecurity, am I being internal security? Am I evolving, or am I isolating myself in more fear? 

By going inward you can start to find the answers, your answers. Not my answers — they are not important. This is not a philosophy or a belief system; it’s about you finding the guru within you, and that takes responsibility. We always want someone else to fix us, but they can’t. You can’t just take yourself to the mechanic to get fixed as you can with your car. You have to go into your depths, but this is the wonder of the exploration of self: it’s the most exciting thing — the only land that remains undiscovered. When you start to discover yourself you will be amazed with how incredible you are, how brave you’ve been, and the choices you have made.  “LA I” International Retreat Center, Costa Azul, 16202 11200, Uruguay


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