Visit to Parma and more

Before going to the festival in Florence, I did visit a friend in Parma. Here are some impressions from Parma.

There are a lot of beautifull details to be seen in Parma. A city with a lot of contrast. I was shocked by the dry riverbed of the river Arno. People told me that in the south of Italy they are having problems with the water and it is sold for a high price. In Napoli they tell me are other problems, children on the street that are stealing and rubbish that is not fast enough transported away, a lot of chaos in many places. Not to forget Lampedusa where the refugies are now more than the inhabitants.

When I am in Germany I feel often a heavy load, something pressing me down, whereas I experience Italy with an atmosphere of something moving, unsteady, unexpectable, as if sitting on a vulcano, that is soon going to errupt.

What I love about Italy is the warmth and loving way of the people, they are welcoming and spreading happyness. What I like less are situations that we experience while travelling with the circus. You never know when there will be the next meal, if the showers and toilets are ok and close by. Sometimes they are only open at certain hours, or no hot water is available. I discovered that I feel stressed, if the basic things that I need to feel well are not available, when I need them. Finding this,, I decided to take responsability and go shopping for myself, have always enough to eat in the car, and enough water to take a shower with a bottle of water. I am not a group person that for the sake of being in a group can relax and wait till I get what I am longing for. Rather I take action and give the things I need to myself.  In the place we are now, the showers are only available at certain hours and as it is very hot, I was quite disappointed about this. Now I take my bottle get wet and immediately feel better. The weather is a bit strange at this time in europe. Usually it is colder, but this year we have a hot summer in the harvest!!
The parc we are staying at is a public parc with a lot of rules. One of them is not to parc the car on the gras, that anyway is dead on many spots. So they told us to parc the cars on the walkingways in the parc, which means that a lot of us have to stay with the car in the sun that is heating up the car a lot during the day! Regarding organisation, Germany is a paradise. Well I do not know about America, Canada or England, but I guess it is similar or even better concerning organisation. Well every nation has its talents and Italy as far as I experience it is not the best concerning organisation. So what do I learn out of this? To take more responsability for myself, not to wait for the organisation or the group to do something for me. And above all to be greatful if something is working well! And the last point isn´t that easy. I think I am spoiled. For me it is “normal” that the water in the shower is hot, that the water is running from the tap, and other things….How difficult it is to appreciate things instead of seeing them as something “normal” that has to be supplied! It is so beautiful to see people,that are appreciating daily things and situations, that are grateful for the things that others think they are normal. This is something that can make you happy – to appreciate what is there for you. Any little thing!

To be greatful! Not to be greatful and even to want more and better are the first steps into depression! While depressed you are not appreciating things and spend the time to be unsatisfied and disconnected from the love energy. Your own critisim falls back on yourself and makes you feel heavy and bad. What about the heavyness that I sense in Germany? Is it only created within me in my interpretations? Or is it something that many people do, being not greatful for all the good they are having? Is it just me, feeling like this in Germany? Are there many people in Germany that are talking things for granted wanting more and therefore are unhappy?

And how did this happen? Is there a connection to the past of Germany? To the history? I want to understand this. How much more do the people want? To do nothing lying in bed while watching tv and having robots doing the work? Or is it just my projection on this country?


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