Balpreet Kaur – Sikh woman with a beard!

During the last months I did not find any new women with beard, that I did not know. I do not know so many women with a beard, about three in the US and four in Europe. So I was really delighted to hear about Balpreet Kaur. Chris did send me a link to an article about her. Thank you Chris!!

Someone had taken a photo of Balpreet Kaur without her permission, and I know this it often happens to me too, when I am in a public place people especially teenagers try to take photos of me with their cell phones and as the technical standard is getting better this is quite easy without me realising it, and so I guess also Balpreet did not notice. Then the person did post the photo and when Balpreet did hear this she wrote an amazing letter that touched me a lot. She is a wonderful person I think and I am glad that now I know that she is there!  I would love to meet her one day! Here another link to a spanish article. And an Article from Balpreet in .

I do not know how to ask for the permission to use these photos on my blog. If it is not ok let me know and I will remove them. Thank you.


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