Music for a chilled Sundaymorning

Music from Hayden Chisholm wonderful!



This Video has touched me a lot! I had to think about how easy we say something without thinking about our words. Slightly changing our words can change so much. Had to think also of the non violent communication, in which this is also the theme.

The music is beautiful too. This video also made me think about what do I appreciate in me and others? Am I aware of my talents? Am I aware what every day has to offer me? I think it would do good to practice more gratitude for the things that I or we might take as given. This makes me feel happy if I am grateful for what I experience and what I receive.

One way to practice gratitude can be to write a letter to the day. To write it either in the morning or evening and to thank for all that I have been given right now and here.

What if money was no object? Video

This is a wonderful Video!

What would you do, if money would not matter? What is your dream? What would you do? This is a video with words from Alan Watts inspiring thoughts about work, money and your dreams.