Mariam on German TV

UGLY Mariam Setcard

Today there was a small reportage about me on RTL a german TV chanel, in the eveningshow “Explosiv”.



This morning at ITV……

This morning I got up early, after a short night, as I had difficulties to fall asleep.

I had a date with ITV and did spend a wonderful morning  there! Very lovely people that took care of me, and amazing and lovely Phil and Holly interviewing me! They were so calm, and the situation so relaxed that I did feel like sitting in someones living room having a chat! Thank you!

I did google and found so many online papers talking about this interview of today on ITV. I did not expect this!!! And what a pity that I do not have a book ready with all my experiences to share and to earn some money to use for travelling! 🙂 Well I hope there is still time to do so…..

For all the people who came to this page being new to my blog:

This blog is shorter, than my german blog, which has around 1000 articles, not all on the beard and my experience, as I did start to link interesting things about nature and sustainable living on my blog, as this is something I am quite interested in.

I love to share ideas for another living, a colorful and openminded living, spiritual in a way and in respect for all living creatures and plants.

If you would like to read more about my experiences with my beard, you can try to read or translate my german blog and start there on August 8th 2008 to read, as that was the day I did stop plucking my beard.


At the moment I am looking for a nice place to live in Britain. I love the nature, and inspiring people, creative and spiritual people and if anyone has an idea, let me know, I am looking for a room to be used as an atelier, a garden or green space to put my camper, or a little cottage that is affordable.

If you would like to talk with me, then email me, there is an email in the contact button above! I am looking forward to meet new and inspiring people!