Bearded women – accepted?

I don´t know how many women in Germany are wearing a beard. How many are there on our planet?

I have met four women with a beard living in Germany. All of them are accepting the fact that they have a beard and they let it grow. Perhaps there are more. And there are more for sure in America, and other countries. Some women in the UK are participating in Movember to raise money for a good cause by letting grow their facial hair.

Some years ago, it was impossible for a french actor who had a show about a bearded woman to find real bearded women, someone told me. Well something seems to have changed since then! I feel there is a gate open now to be more yourself and more and more women are having the courage to just be the one they are, and in this sense to say well there is facial hair and I am not going to laser or tweeze it.

Perhaps in some years it will be possible and quite normal and accpted that some women are wearing a beard. And it will be not a problem to find a job, bearded women won´t be bullied anymore. People will be used to a womens face with a beard. Conciousness will have changed and poeple are living their individuality. They will see that it makes everyone richer, if people are living their potential and if people are accepting who they are and what they look like. The trend that had been “normal” in the past: to look like a model in a fashion magazine, will be over.

The fashion, if you want to call it so, will be to look like yourself! 



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