Talkshow about women that have “male” features

I had been invited to give an interview in a talkshow in the Ukraine. It was great visiting Kiev a wonderful city, that has a special atmosphere for me, somehow felt like coming back to an old ancient mother, a very deep feeling. Later I read, that Kiev was called “Mother Russia”.

I asked my family if there had been any connections with Kiev in the family. My aunt told me, that some of our ancestors once had a stagecoach going between Kiev and some place in todays Poland! Amazing! So many things that I did not know about the ancestors. I believe we feel this connection with a place and the family, when we visit places where some of our ancestors had been living or visiting and that had been important to them somehow.

At this moment people in Kiev are having lots of political fights in the street and I feel sorry, hoping for them to find a peaceful and good solution.

Here is the video of the show, it is in russian,  you can still hear my answers in english,….the show was interesting as there had been invited very different women, some that had trained their muscles, were lesbians, or had a deep voice, or me having a beard. I could follow the talkshow, as I had a little thing in my ear and a translater, who was really doing so well to translate the whole show for me simultaniously! Thanks to him I say here, as I did not have the chance to tell him personally after the show.

One thing really astonished me, that many in the audience had a difficulty to accept that women train their muscles. They said women should be women and men should be men and that a man is strong and a woman is the one that needs the strong man. Well this is one model, that might have been valid for some centuries. On the other hand, there had always been strong women, that were for example living a farmlife and really doing things like they would say are for men. I hope it will be possible to open up the minds of people in order to understand, that there is a great variety of humans in this world and that we do not have to make us fit into a model that the fearful mind of humans created in order to have a system that might take away fears.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to come to Kiev and participate in the talkshow!


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