Documentary about the body in Canadian TV 5

The Canadian TV 5 is airing a documentary about the body called Corps et Monde made by Philippe Desrosiers and François Bégin.

Tomorrow there will be airing the part about people in Great Britain with several interviews and different aspects of the body, as for example letting grow the hair in the armpits and about Chess Boxing of which I never heard of before!

I had the honor to meet the filmteam in London and there will be an interview with me in it too.

You can see the program at least for a week online on the page of TV5, after it had been aired on TV.

You can see the video on my blog now, after the 10th of april 2014 as the other video links have gone now. (17.5.14)

VIDEO 49 minutes in french

to be seen online till the 10th of april 2014.

Minute 13-19 is about ARMPITS FOR AUGUST followed by a report about a photoexhibition on womens pubic hair, and then minute 23:18-26.28 is a short interview with me.


Preview of the program: