Once upon a time….there was a bearded lady..

Must have been strange for two women working in a public place where clients come in every day. This morning they had been reading an article about a bearded woman in the metro, a newspaper that is for free on trains and busses  in the UK.

Both had been sharing their thoughts about the article laughing and saying that this was the latest fashion now! A few minutes later, I did enter their workingplace as their client. And they said nothing. They did not show any movement. English people are great in not showing what is going on inside. They have learned to show tolerance and open mindedness or at least a face where you can read nothing from, being polite is important. And I appreciate that. Sometimes it is nice to be treated well instead of having people laughing and joking about me. So this morning they treated me really well. And they did always treat me well. Now we know for a year, as I came in again and again and one of them told me recently this story. I had to laugh. And I am wondering if they had more to say. I might ask again to find out.

I did share the story with a friend of mine and she said: we are living in a world with such a media presence, all the time on the television or internet and papers we are confronted with images, but when it happens, that someone stands in front of us, someone we did see in the media we might react confused or under shock. Two parallel worlds? Talking about a person we see in the media is easy, what if this person comes in a few minutes later and the distant world of a printed picture or video becomes real in 3 D!?









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