Teaching Tolerance

A day with a lot of sunshine. I got up really early to sell some things on the car boot sale. Being there I met a teacher who told me that one day after the song contest and the winning of Conchita Wurst, they had a discussion in the classroom about this event. One of the pupils didn´t like that the woman was a man and gay. So they started speaking about the subject of homosexuality and if gay men could marry. What I really liked was that the teacher said how important it is to be tolerant for other ways of life and the individual way people live and look. – Interesting coincident, as just yesterday I mentioned this issue on the blog, to teach the children to be tolerant!

And my observation today was that I felt relaxed and fine on the market. It was great to be outside in the sunshine with happy people around. Now the life is back again after such a long time of rain. I did not realize too many people behaving funny because of me having a beard. Some days ago I got annoyed, being in a supermarket and a man in his middle age was holding his mobile phone at me – he was either filming or taking pictures. What can I do? Last time someone did it and I told this person that I do not like to be photographed or filmed without my permission, he just denied that he had done so, even it looked so obvious.

I don´t know how many people are getting filmed and photographed while shopping …but somehow I had the wish there would be a law that mobile phones need to stay in the pocket while shopping and that filming and photographing is not allowed.

Perhaps next time I will go up to the person if I notice it again. And if they deny I could call the security…..or  I could go shopping only in a Burka covered with a veil, in order not to be seen 🙂 or cover up my breast and go in as a man?! If all this woudn´t be too much effort I would do. –

On the other hand, I once wrote that the reactions show me where I fit. Big supermarkets, shopping centers, Mc Donalds and so on, is not for me and it is more likely that there are people that might react with the attempt to take a picture of me. Whereas I never had the feeling that I had been filmed by a client in an organic or health food store, and usually these shops are much smaller too.

I just need to stay out of huge stores like Tesco and similar places I guess. Most of my veggies I can order in a veggiebox, but they do not have everything I like and during the week some things might be missing and I end up in the huge supermarkets……..

Should it not be the right of everyone to walk peaceful in the public streets and in all the shopping centers without getting molested?


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