Cleaning the oceans!!!


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  1. u noe miariam I have hair on my face too, I have had it since I was 13 , but believe my now 20 and I never had a problem to face . I have had excellent skin and god I didn’t even know how serious this was until I started waxing my face at home and got ingrowth ,yes that when it became a problem before that for 7 bloody years I was waxing it comfortably with minimal distress. I had terrible body hair but god knows why it never occurred to me to visit a doctor. Not being able to wax it anymore actually first made me pretty depressed but the ingrowth is all growing out and I am wearing it like thata nd no one has said anything .Just magine I haven’t even felt the pain of being hirsuite all these years which makes me feel so guilty ..I have always done whatever I wanted and haven’t had to shave a day.I guess it might be due to brief tryst with anorexia for 4 years where it pretty much didn’t grow at all. Currently seeing ur amazing courage and self belief has given me so much empowering strength ,I am so much more then the hair ,I am beautiful accomplished and determined young woman.Only the last month I realised this,so funny,I didn’t even know I had severe idiopathic hirsuitsm.While it does make me sad that the thing spread so much but I have sought help for the moment.I have no idea how long I would be able to carry this slightly ingrown stubbly look on that pale face of mine but its movember afterall and I frankly no longer care.Way to go woman.On a last note the videos sre nice,I am doing biomedical sciences so we study this stuff al the time.

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