CBC Radio 1 Canada Radioshow on Beards CBC Stripped


CBC Canada did make a radioshow about beards. There are several interesting reports starting with a report about a man getting TRANSPLANTED A BEARD! and more about peoples beards.

The interview I gave is from minute 18:54




Friday July 31, 2015

Episode Six: Rebellion, Conformity & Facial Hair

(Ben Shannon)

Listen to Full Episode 27:30

Throughout time, men have styled their facial hair as a way to mark themselves as insiders and outsiders, rebels and conformists. Sometimes these distinctions can be taken to extremes.

“I will give up my life, but I won’t give up my moustache.”

                                                                                                    – Malik Afridi

This episode airs on Monday, August 3 at 7:30 p.m. and Wednesday, August 5 at 9:30 a.m. on CBC Radio One.

Special music thanks to Kira May for composing our theme. We also played a bit of “A Little Respect” by Erasure.

Also, thanks to Jack Fritscher for this pic of the first gay magazine to use the term “Bear” on its cover.

Illustration by Ben Shannon.

*Note: this episode is a remixed and updated version of our pilot, which first aired last year.


Married Women with beards – they exist!

To say there were no married bearded women is untrue! around 1900 some bearded women were married, and it might be that some men only had in mind to make big money with them this we don´t know for sure.

bearded woman in kasachstanIn Kasakhstan lives an old woman of 65 years and she says that her husband likes the beard and that it even is a secret for her long marriage!

annalisa hackleman sunnyvale california

Another married woman shown in a video below is  Annalisa Hackleman.

In Indonesia lives  Agustina Dorman a mother and married woman with a beard. There was no video right now in english they might have been deleted.

The Beards – All the bearded Ladies

Great Song!! Great Band!!

Three Bearded Women – Bearded Women United!

bearded wp,em imotedAnother article about bearded women within 24 hours!! This time it is a short article about Harnaam Kaur, Little Bear and me!! Today online in Daily Bhaskar.com

Different thoughts come up in my mind pros and cons about this article. I am upset that they can use our photos without letting us know or paying us….but for myself I know that I did sign a contract with ITV that makes that possible. On the other hand it is great that they publish our photos and write an article, as more people get informed about bearded women, and other women they might get encouraged to love and accept themselves with all their bodyissues more. And people get used to the appearance of bearded women. – So thank you for this article in Daily Bhaskar!!

Todays Article from Huffington Post about Little Bear the Bearded Lady!

little bearMore and more bearded women show up especially in the US! Today the Huffington Post published an article and interview podcast with Little Bear woman with a beard, working in a “Freekshow” and also having a “normal” Job as a freelancer and writer. More and more women have the courage to show themselves with a beard. They stop fighting facial or body hair, they stop trying to adapt to social norms and the screaming industry of fashion and cosmetics that try to convince women to style themselves as they dictate in order to be lovable and ok. NO! Women with a beard are as ok as any other human being on this planet!! And the more of us are there and be seen, the more it becomes “normal”.This world is interesting because we are different in character and appearance and we have a lot in common as human beings. Hoping for more respect and openess for Women with beards and all other Gender Queer People!

Hier gehts zum heute erschienenen! Artikel der Huffington Post: (englisch)
Podcast Interview: