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More than twenty years ago, hair started growing on my chin. Every day, for more than twenty minutes I was plucking them out with the tweezers. In all these years I did spend months just to get rid of my facial hair.

Why did I do this? Because a woman has to be smooth in the face. A woman is not supposed to have a beard. Advertisment and the expectations of society tell a woman to be without facial hair. A woman needs to have shaved legs we are told and that it would be impossible for a woman to have a beard.

Enough of trying to adapt to the expectations of the society. It is enough to try to do what others want me to do.

Is it of advantage for anyone?

I guess the cosmeticindustry earns a lot.

I want to be the way I am. What is, is good.

An experiment starts. What happens if I allow my beard to grow?


I was 21 when my son was born. At that time hair started growing on my chin. They got more and more. I thought perhaps the hormons are causing this. I got a son so thats why I start to look more male? My mother had some hair on her chin too, my father was very hairy. He shaved and I never saw him with a beard. He did not like beards. I think in his opinion they were too dirty. Perhaps being hairy was a heritage of the iranian side of the family?

My gynacologist, at that time, told me that I got more male hormons, at that time testosteron, than it is usual for women. A few years later the endocrinologist did not really have an explanation, and the testosteron was just average. The endocrinologist said it is a combination of inheritage and sensitivity of the skin to adrenal hormons. Some time later I found out that a lot of iranian and mediteranian women have more male hormons and as well facial and body hair, than average western women. As I am half iranian, I guess the iranian genes are responsible for the beard growth.

I remember, that when I was a child, I always wanted to be a boy. Boys had more freedom than girls. Could be more wild and climb on trees and do all these handycraft things that I liked.

In our family it was better to be a male, because then everybody believed in the success and intelligence of this person.

Due to my personal history, it isn´t astonishing  that today I have a beard. I did wish long enough to be a boy. And they tought me that men were better than women.

Meanwhile I would like to call myself intersexual in the sense of not belonging into any category . I do not like to get instructions how I should dress, behave or what I should do or like.  I feel like a being beyond gender. Some of what I like you would call male, others female. I do not like these labels of male and female. I wished we could just be ourselves.

With the beard I feel more myself, as I do not fight anymore against it.  Other “womenb with a beard” did join in letting their beard grow.

I love Variety and indiviuality. I think if people are themselves and live their dreams, the world is colorful, interesting and inspiring.

It is fun to play with the genderroles. To disguise. Life gets more pleasant and exiting. Every moment life is new and gives me more enthusiasm. Life gets back the liveliness that I had as a kid. To do something crazy more often. To go beyond the pale. To allow yourself to be who you are. This is life.


January, 14th 2009
To let the beard grow, means to accept part of my “nature” and to accept myself the way I am.

The more I accept myself and love myself the more my self-esteem grows. If I love myself I no longer need to suppress my emotions and my shadows.They can come to the surface, they are getting more visible and noticable.

What others think, if they approve what I do, or who I am, does not have such a meaning or influence on me, as it did before, and in the best case it has no meaning at all.

Selflove makes it possible to be who I am.  Selflove makes me integer and authentical.

I am on my way to loving myself completely, as the one I am ….it is an exciting adventure.

And my wish is to encourage other people, to do what they love, to live a life that feels good and great and authentic and to be the unique one that they are!!

Love to you all! Big hug!

If you like to contribute to my life and want to support me

you can give a donation on my PayPal account. Thank you very much! Blessings to you!



31 Responses

  1. Love, love, love what you are doing! Hats off to you!!!!!!

  2. You are fantastic! I see all these women in the states mutilating their bodies to conform to a patriarchal model of beauty. Look at you with your beard and your smile! You are an excellent example of true beauty. It’s not about the fashion magazines it is about learning to be yourself. What would happen to the world if we all let ourselves be authentic? You are the beauty in the world! I hope we can meet someday.

  3. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
    If I didn’t pluck my chin every morning (20-30 mins) I would have a beard too, but I am too afraid of the discrimination.
    It is really inspiring and beautiful to see you living with such acceptance of your body.
    I hope one day to be as courageous as you!

    Have you been to http://www.dbeechy.com ? This woman lives with a beard and did her thesis on the impact of facial hair on the lives of women. Really interesting. She is also looking for bearded women for a photography book – the info is posted on her message board…
    Sending you strength in your journey.

  4. Hey Mariana, thank you for your comment. And thanks for the link to dbeechy. I have a link on the german webpage, but did not put it on this page so far.
    I would like to see you with a beard and more women with a beard. I hope more women will have the courage and like their beards! It took me a long time until I started to do it. And the work of Byron Katie helped me too. – Anyway I wish you courage and strength and if you ever let your beard grow, then please let me know!!

  5. hello,

    my dad was very hairy and I got his genes. I am a woman and I was so sick of my excess body hair that i’m getting laser hair removal on my legs, arms, underarms, tummy, chin, lip, sideburns, and neck. it’s a pain in the ass. i hate that my husband can go out hairy and i can’t.

    if you are not comfortable with the hair I suggest laser hair removal. if you are comfortable with the hair then rock on!

    • Thanks for the comment. Sorry that you had to suffer so much!
      Wished you could let it rock with the hair too!!
      I enjoy having my beard! It is fun!

      And everybody is free to decide what she wants to.
      Love to you

  6. More power to you, Marianna! It’s very inspiring to read your story. I think you are very, very brave.

  7. Hi, what a great blog! My wife recently admitted to me to that she has wanted to grow a beard since she was 10 years old. I think it will be hard for her as she has almost no body hair, but if it enables her to feel fulfilled as a person, then I feel she should try the hormone treatment. I am really hairy and feel I would have no problem growing a beard, should I want that for myself, as I already have quite a bit of facial hair which I try to tame. I really appreciate your blog, it has helped me to get an idea of how life is as a bearded woman. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. I feel you’ve been blessed with great facial hair.

    • Hi Premilla,

      thank you for your comment! And for the appreciation.
      And all the best for you and you wife.
      Love Mariam

  8. I do admire you in every way, and as I can see out my genes, this is what is waiting for me too. My mother is having her beard and mustache, because she doesn’t care what people think, living on her own, doing her own thing, it doesn’t really matter. As I am in the very start of this painful process, for me, in this moment, I can’t be as brave as you two. I am too much affected by environment, but I think this is normal, when I am 22.. I hopefully have so much courage, when I am older. As world is changing constantly, we never know, what might change, even, if it’s totally unpredicted. But anyway, I wish you all the best and strength in everything you do!

    • Hey Stella,

      thank you so much for your comment! Yes I can understand that you are now adapting to the society. And who knows perhaps one day it will be a fashion and accepted that women are wearing beards too! And if not, I think the world is changing and we do not know what will come…..I wish for a more open and honest world where we all can be ourselves without the pressure to adapt….
      I wish you all the best and a great live!
      Love Mariam

  9. Yes i also do have beared but i dont feel comfortable at all with this .Hey i wish i could have your courage .I really admire you and your courage.People keep talking and looking that makes me trim it every week sometimes i ask my self why me,why i was created like this because my mum does not have this nor my dad he has got just the normal male beared and hairs.I dont really know what to do cause it makes me very unhappy.But hey life still goes on.i really admire your courage.

  10. God made you that way and that beutiful dont let noone stop you from being who you are much love to you and yours

  11. This is a fabulous story! I’ve suffered through the humiliation of neck-hair and sideburns since I was 13, and constantly battle it. I don’t have the courage that you do to let it grow out, and am in front of the mirror constantly. I have wanted to let it go, but have been scared by soceity and the few who have seen it and have called me a freak. I’m 18 now, and about to start college. Perhaps one day I will have the strength to not care what others think.
    You are truely an inspiration and I thank you 🙂

    • Dear Megan, thank you very much for this comment. I wish you all the best and the courage to be who you are. Love Mariam

  12. […] Bearded Woman är en av mina favoritskäggsajter på nätet. Den drivs av tyska Marianna som började få […]

  13. I am a male and ever since i can remember i have been attracted to hirsute women.I love the feel and look of the hair on a woman i find it VERY sexy.Now you know of at least one man that loves it! my email is iluvhairyarms@ yahoo

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Now there have been already quite some men been telling me the same! Amazing and good that there are men who love hairy women.

  14. Very inspiring. I am intersex, and I have more of a female type body. I identify as a man, and it is so inspiring to see someone else doing this. Thank you, thank you!

  15. Ei! You did something I was thinking for a long time! But I must recognize that we are not accepted by society, and I can’t afford to let growing my beard, because I can’t afford to lose my job or didn’t find any new job.
    I think we can look sexy too. I want to let to all you a little popular rhyme from my country about this:
    “Mujer con bozo
    coño sabroso”
    It’s more or less something like “Woman with hair lip, tasty pussy” It sounds a little hard or funny, it depends on your mood, But it wants mean for me that we are desirable too.
    It’s a long time ago I decided don’t shave my legs, but I’m not ready for letting growing my beard. But i desire to have a sexy photo with beard. Maybe we all can do… a claim calendar?
    Sorry for my english, I’m not sure all words have the sense or connotation I wanted.

    Good luck to everybody!


    P.D.- I’m not iranian, but it’s quiet sure there are arab and berber ancestry on my family, like in such spanish families despite they wan’t recognize our history!

  16. […] mod. Men det finns samtidigt folk att inspireras av: Tyska Marianna har skägg och driver bloggen Bearded Woman. I Storbritannien finns kampanjen We Can Face It som vill göra upp med tabut kring kvinnors […]

  17. I just want to say that you are amazing, you are beautiful as a woman and, pretty damn sexy when you look more masculine (i have a thing for long hair guys, forgive me :D) But i too have this problem, quite badly, my doctor says i have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, and if i diddnt shave everyday (theres way too much and its way too painful to pluck) but id have at least as much hair as you. Im not really ashamed of it as much as i was when i first started getting it around 16 , im 24 now. But again, i think its amazing what youre doing, feel free to write me anytime! ❤ – Meg

    • Megan..I too have PCOS…I have to shave pretty much 5 times a day to keep it smooth..I hate it..I have thought about being the bearded lady for Halloween just so that I did have to shave so much…I feel for you..I started to get hair on my chin at the age of 12..now im 31..its been a long road…but its nice to know im not alone in this 🙂

  18. Yo go girrrl!

  19. i really admire you and what you’re doing and sharing. and i think you look so nice, on the outside and on the inside. thanks for the inspiration! i wish you all the best!

  20. te vi por la tele de ECUADOR lei tu historia y me fasino y la vez orgullosa de que ahy aun mujeres q se sientan orgullosas de como son y q no tienen nada q ocultar con la mente y el corazon tan transparente y sincero como lo es suyo le envio mucho saludos y u fuerte abrazo desde mi pais one love

  21. Congratulations! I also have decided to embrace my beard. It has been a wonderful and freeing experience. I founded the Ladybeard Project that you may be interested in – http://abbysactivism.blogspot.com/p/the-ladybeard-project.html.

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