Beard Exhibition in Berlin until 3rd of July 2016

20151210_161840The first exhibition in Berlin about Beards is taking place in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition started in December 2015 and will end on the 3rd of July 2016. Objects that are related to shaving and beards from all the different museums of Berlin are gathered.

I am very proud to have contributed an installation to this exhibition that I did build and design myself. It is a rebuild of the show booth, or hut, that I was travelling with, around europe to festivals during the past 5  years, mainly to festivals in Italy and also to france, denmark, sweden and germany. the purpose was to inform and show photos of bearded women from the past and from today to let people know, that this phenomenon really exists and that it is quite common for women to have facial hair.

In  doing this it happened that I also used my skills to give psychic readings and palmreadings in the hut and so  it was a mix of informing people and talking with them about their lives and their interests and issues about body and facial hair.

For many it was a challenge and scary to confront themselves with a bearded woman.I did enjoy the intense and intimate contact that I had with people. Some came back to let me know that I did support them and help them on their path in life, which made me very happy and grateful too.

20151209_181152Interesting was that for many it appeared on first sight,  that I was just another show on a festival and interpreting that like in other shows all was just a show and fake: my beard or my breasts or both, the beards in the photos should be photoshoped and what I would tell them by doing readings would be made up too. And then finally when really confronting themselves and being open, they did find out that all was real and not made up at all! Shocking and surprising and opening up doors for many too.

The rebuild version for the museum is a bit smaller, as the ceilings are quite low and it has no roof, but the pictures are improved, I really tried to make them look like old photos and it took me more then two months to do research and build and paint and make the photos to be ready to hang them.

bartclub-10-12-2015The installation is like a second exhibiton in the exhibition of mainly mens beards, showing more than 50 pictures of women with beards. Some women with beards, mainly from the US, did contribute to the exhibition in writing a one pager  about themselves. On a table inside the installation you can sit down and read what they wrote – or watch a short 8 minute interview with me in german.

20151216_172813 So far the interview is only available in german with no subtitles, as there was not the capacity and time for the team that did curate the exhibition to do so, as there was quite a lot to organise. Some of the text in the booklet on the table is in english and I am working to translate the rest as well, so to have both languages for people visiting from other countries that do not speak german.

For those who cannot make it to Berlin there are some videos about the exhibiton – just in german language – so far..- but well, you get some visual impressions. Enjoy!

In the second video you see my installation in the beginning of the video….

The following link is from ZDF german TV Chanel:

And this one from ARD another german TV Chanel:

This following video is without words just shoing pieces from the exhibtion:




Day 699 Bremen

The last days I spend in Bremen on the Breminale, a festival with circus, music and more…Sonnday in  the evening it was over and the tents were taken down…..

Saturday and sunday I watched the performances of Circo Paniko

SUPER!! I liked it a lot. Great artists, music, jonglage, clowns and much more, you can watch videos on youtube of them.

The sunday I was sitting between the tent of Twisted Fairground and next to the tent of Circo Paniko on a chair and tried to earn money as a bearded lady. I offered to take a picture with or of me and to give some tip. Well it did not work well….for earning money, I just got 3,50 euro for the whole afternoon! But people were amused and smiled….Well Germany hasn´t got a story of sideshows as the US or England. I offered my postcards with a picture of me, and sold one! But I had a lot of fun trying this and watching the reaction of the people!

One of the artists told me that it  is an experience and that another place can bring more money…..I think too if there are tourists in a town like Berlin, Paris or so…then it would be better.

Initially I was thinking to do this with a polaroid camera, but now they do not produce the films anymore, and old ones are being sold on ebay for 2 euor per picture, so too much. Hopefully they will produce them again one day. Now I am preparing to go to france to a festival in Chalon sur Saone where a lot of people are going to show what they perform on the street. Circus Panico will be there too and also Twisted Fairground another group that I have seen in Bremen, who do a great show too.

Women with beards – calendar 1997/2000

A dutch webpage wrote something about me, yesterday.

They give a link in the text which leads to a dutch page Vrouwen met Baarden (women with beards).

On that page you can see the calendar of 1997 with  “12 hairy babes”….I did read about it some time ago. But all these beards are just fake! No real bearded women!  On this page you can download each month. On the home page you can click  on the names of the women and read little made-up stories about them.

Something you will only see in Berlin!!!

On the platform of the train in Berlin you can find these machines that give you sweets and beverages. But they also give you something to train your brain!

Some time ago it was possible to buy little yellow booklets with shortstories for little money. Now you can buy Sudoku booklets for one euro and you even get a pen with it!! Great idea!! The only place I ever saw this is Berlin!!

Day 348

This morning I had to sleep a bit longer after the last days with a lack of sleep.

I liked being filmed and having a fotoshooting a lot, and I am looking forward to see the pictures. When they are good I will make a calendar from them. It was interesting how wearing different clothes made me look more male or female.

On Saturday the 25th of July 2009 there will be a report on german television in RTL in Explosiv Weekend, between 07.05pm german time and 08:15 pm. In the report will be also shown the fotoshooting. As soon, as it is possible to see it online I will put the link on this page.

This night I slept at Loewins place. Her beard is growing too since a couple of months, being encouraged by me. Was nice to see her again. Just a short visit and then I had to go to Dresden by train.


A group of three people shared a groupticket with me. We found each other by the internet throu

One of them was  a young musician.  A pianist who already won some prices. I have the impression that there are a lot of musicians in Dresden, as I often meet some from there. First he looked a bit irritated, and then it was ok and noone asked about my beard. Lateron we talked about art, as one of the women in the group had studied art, me too and they asked if I was still painting. I said no, my project at the moment is my beard. I could have made it an artproject I said. I am still thinking to do an exhibition with all the selfportraits that I did during the year from myself.

In 17 days it will be a year, that I am living with my beard. During the last months the hair is growing slower.I guess it would take many years if I wanted to break the world record Vivian Wheeler holds. I guess her beard is still growing. So now it will be even longer than before!

We went to Dresden by regional trains. It took three and a half hour. With us in the train were many shou,ting, singing and beer drinking football fans. They seemed to be kind of Nazis, singing songs with words like: a church without Jesus is a mosque! They made such a noise that after a while the police came, wearing heavy clothes, like american footballplayers with protection underneath.


Being confronted with the police, they got quite. When the policemen went to another wagon they started again, the police had to come back. And so it was a changing all the time …..for the next hours! On the picture you see a trainstation being sprayed with the words, “Together against the nazis!!

The men did not see me. And I was glad to be with some other people. It is a bit scaring to have a beard as a woman and to be confronted with nazis!!

When you use the train in germany on weekends, the ones that stop very often, then you are confronted with a lot of people, that are not very nice to meet. The trains are dirty and too crowded. And this can really stop me from using the regional trains. The ICE is ok, its the speed trains. They are more expensive and stop only in the big cities.

More than twenty footballfans where in the train. Later outside, changing train they were standing together. When I passed by they started laughing out loud. We went down the stairs and changed train. So nothing happened.

In the next train we were in a waggon without them. Lateron some of them entered our waggon and said that they were looking for the woman….the one who said this saw me and tried to hide behind a chair!!

Then a bit later he tried to take pictures with his mobile phone of me. And I just changed the place.

Video Akte 09 women with facial hair….part 2

This is the second part of the film from Akte 09 about women and beards…..If women are too hairy in the face is the titel…..Wenn Frauen im Gesicht zu stark behaart sind…..

I found it yesterday on youtube. Was waiting long for someone to upload it. It is in german, perhaps I will manage soon to give the english translation.

Day 343

It was a buissy day. I got up early and the whole day I was being filmed for another report on tv.

In the evening, when I went by the underground train, I had a nice experience.

A woman with bluegreen colored hair, opened the door of the underground train for me, as I had too much luggage and said: “Beautiful” and pointed to my beard. “Some people will be jealous!”

Strandbar During the day we made some tests in shops, and me applying for jobs, and went to a beach bar…some reactions were nice and some not so nice ……I can´t write about it now. When the film is out, I can talk about it more I think. The film might be on the programm at the end of August. I liked the filming a lot. It was fun. And I am now totally relaxed. Feels more normal to be filmed than ever before.

Prenzlauer Berg Kleider für Kinder

Tomorrow I will give a talk and they will be filming the event.