Barbara Karlich Show

I just read that this afternoon in the austrian TVon ORF 2 they showed the repetition of the Barbara Karlich Show with the titel: Women return to your natural being. This is the Link to the page with a movie. I don´t know if you can see it. I was not able to watch it in france. 

Tonight the 3rd of August there will be another repetition at 3:40Uhr in ORF 2. Here is the announcement from ORF for the show:

Women return to your natural being
Christine, 32, Naildesinger from Ebenthal in Kärnten,
would have said no, if a man had asked her to

let her bodyhair grow. To her it is clear: This is very uneroc! “God did invent the underarmhair but he also invented the shaver for to eliminate them!”

Mariam, 47, artist from Narhendorf close to Hamburg,
did long time quarrel with her male look. Now she has accepted and let her beard grow since two years.  “The beard is a part of me. I do not want to adapt anymore. Women that fight her natural outlook are basically feeling unsecure”, she sais.

Newspapers reaction on the Datingshow

I found an article that made me laugh: The Berliner Kurier and the Hamburger Morgenpost published an article  on the 5th of July 2011 with the following titel:

Sensational discovery

Jesus by Da Vinci looks like the bearded lady of Britts Dating Show

and this picture:

Well I like the comparison to Jesus. It is not the first time someone has this thought….

Another article was in Bildzeitung . If not a friend of mine had told me, I would not have known this, as I usually do not read this paper. Online I found the article as well.

In the article they say that the man who would be my partner should not have fear of stubbly kisses! Well I did not know that a beard is stubbly!…These newspapers! They like to write thinhs like that and make fun of the people. I did not like that they did put my picture opposite of a woman that had lost her teath in an accident and that they made jokes about her and me…and did see us as freaks. In Germany, these days, people like to point to others and laugh about them in order to feel better themselves. It is sad.

Dating Show – German TV

Yesterday they showed the first part of a new dating show which is called “Schwer verliebt” (big love) and is shown in German TV Sat 1. I did not see the first part as I had to work on a festival. But then checking the internet I did find some videos that show part of the TV serial.

It is a serial that shows 14 people that want to find a partner. People that are interested in one of them can write to the TV and then from all the people that are interested the most interesting ones will be chosen and they spend a week with one of the candidates to see if it would be possible to share a daily life. This  week will be filmed and parts of it shown around september in tv.

On saturday there will be the repetition in german tv at 11:15 in the morning.

In the morningprogramm they did announce the TV serial and here is the video:

I did check further and found the part that is about me:

I did put another video here now as they stopped another chanel, as the video was shown unleagelly… within one week it had more than 120.000 clicks! Crazy!!

Now you might be able to see the dating show directly on Sat 1 LINK. The link brings you to the page with the 14 different small videos that show the candidates.

Day 1063

Fusion Festival – I did put up my little hut. Building up was ok it was quite hot, but then the rain started and during the festival it was raining most of the time. Now the place is one big muddy place. Even thou the weather is not nice, it is a phantastic festival! Four days we are all living in another world, full of phantasie, music, colors and interesting conversation,party and meeting people from all over the world.

The Casbah Site is a part of the FUSION where Circus, Side Show and Theater is to be found on a lake where you can swim if the weather is good enough.

Some of the groups are: Circo Gones from Frankreich, Paramo Cerro und Tres Puntos Y aparte both coming from spain – these are just some phantastic groups that are there. If I had more time I would describe more. Anyway if you ever find your way to the festival you will love it. Just to get entrancecards you have to hurry – it is usually sold out before it starts! But if you are interested in theater there will be another festival a bit smaller with just theater in September which is called Attention.

Day 867 Medieval Market Cologne Germany

I am standing with my tent on the medieval market in Cologne. The Medieval Market is in front of the chocolat museum from the 27th of November 2010 till December 23rd. I did build a tent in which I present myself as the bearded lady doing palmreadings and aurareadings.

Day 866 Cologne Germany Medieval Market

This little video shows the atmosphere on the medieval market in Cologne this evening