Mariam on German TV

UGLY Mariam Setcard

Today there was a small reportage about me on RTL a german TV chanel, in the eveningshow “Explosiv”.



TV Show on German TV “Schwer verliebt”

On the first of January 2012 at 7:00 pm, the german TV chanel Sat1 will show another part of  ” Schwer verliebt”. (WDH. 7.1. 13:25).

I found some photos in the internet and you see them below. On the website of Sat1 there is a  preview for the first of January. The photos are quite nice and I am curious how the show on the first will be… !

If you don´t have the german tv then perhaps you can watch it online here:

There are the videos of the 18th of december 2010 and the preview for January the first 2012.

There will be two more parts of the show on the 8th and 15th of January 2012 in Sat1.

Dating Show – German TV

Yesterday they showed the first part of a new dating show which is called “Schwer verliebt” (big love) and is shown in German TV Sat 1. I did not see the first part as I had to work on a festival. But then checking the internet I did find some videos that show part of the TV serial.

It is a serial that shows 14 people that want to find a partner. People that are interested in one of them can write to the TV and then from all the people that are interested the most interesting ones will be chosen and they spend a week with one of the candidates to see if it would be possible to share a daily life. This  week will be filmed and parts of it shown around september in tv.

On saturday there will be the repetition in german tv at 11:15 in the morning.

In the morningprogramm they did announce the TV serial and here is the video:

I did check further and found the part that is about me:

I did put another video here now as they stopped another chanel, as the video was shown unleagelly… within one week it had more than 120.000 clicks! Crazy!!

Now you might be able to see the dating show directly on Sat 1 LINK. The link brings you to the page with the 14 different small videos that show the candidates.