Skägbokken – New Release in Sweden: Book about Beards!

skäggOn the 6th of September 2013, there will be released a new book about beards in Sweden, with the titel:  “Skäggboken” by  Axel Naver, Eric Thorsson and Anders Bergstedt.

Link to get to the blog about beards by  Axel and Eric:

This book is very interesting, lovely made, great lay out. You can feel the dedication to beards by the ones who made this book! It contains information about the history of beards, style and a lot of interviews with bearded people. I am grateful and very happy that there is also an interview with me in the book!

Link to order this book. It will be released by Kalla kulor förlag on the 6th of September 2013 in Sweden. It has 217 pages and costs around 200 swedish crowns.



Love yourself the way you are

Love yourself the way you are.

This is the message the movie Penelope gives. It is a very funny and entertaining movie. This is the trailer:

On Youtube you can see the whole movie, but not such a good picute. In Germany the DVD is available for rent.