Dick Tracy and the Bearded Lady

From the United States someone wrote me an email and told me about bearded women in the comics of Dick Tracy! Thank you very much!

There is a Mrs. Chin Chillar with a chinbeard. In Wikipedia there is a picture from the comic where you can see her.  I put it in here and hope it is ok. (If not I will take it out again) Today the wikipedia page is not available as they are on strike out of protest against the new laws that are planed by the US congress against online piracy. The man, who send me the mail wrote that he was reading Dick Tracy comis in the 60s when he was growing up and that he loved Mrs Chin Chillar, so as many others did. She was so famous that now the new artist team for Dick Tracy is planning to feature Mrs. Chin Chillar in a new story this year! Because they have had so many requests for her return.

Well the world of comics and the real world are quite different……but things can change and sometime – perhaps – the bearded women will have a good reconition and will be loved by the people.