The Sun UK About Bearded Women

Mariam SUN 2016 MarchToday an article was published in the SUN in the UK written by Diana Appleyard, about three bearded women: Harnaam, Sarah Taylor and myself!

I am happy, that more and more the media is opening up and helping to raise awareness to the reality that some women have facial hair and that women do not have to fight against their body or facial hair. That they can choose to embracee and accept it! For too long women have tried to adapt to ideas of society and now it is time to be free and walk the path they like to walk!

Some women who have a beard might feel between man and woman and I for myself can say I do not feel like a “woman” as defined by society . – We humans can not be divided into only two categories! We all have so many aspects and I feel I have a lot of male but also female aspects so that I cannot say I am just woman in the sense of what women are described to be. The words : Woman – man are labels that take our freedom to be as we are. Why should a man be hard, not cry etc and a woman should behave in a womanlike way not being allowed to sit with legs wide open or climb on trees or repair some items in the house? We are living in a time where we have more and more awareness and are free to live out of this box thinking!

For generations it was not possible for people to live as they would have liked for the social pressures and dependencies. This is so much more possible today and  there might always be some kind of dependency – but we can move towards being as free as we can and want.

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Todays Article from Huffington Post about Little Bear the Bearded Lady!

little bearMore and more bearded women show up especially in the US! Today the Huffington Post published an article and interview podcast with Little Bear woman with a beard, working in a “Freekshow” and also having a “normal” Job as a freelancer and writer. More and more women have the courage to show themselves with a beard. They stop fighting facial or body hair, they stop trying to adapt to social norms and the screaming industry of fashion and cosmetics that try to convince women to style themselves as they dictate in order to be lovable and ok. NO! Women with a beard are as ok as any other human being on this planet!! And the more of us are there and be seen, the more it becomes “normal”.This world is interesting because we are different in character and appearance and we have a lot in common as human beings. Hoping for more respect and openess for Women with beards and all other Gender Queer People!

Hier gehts zum heute erschienenen! Artikel der Huffington Post: (englisch)
Podcast Interview:

Free to be myself!! More and more bearded women are loving themselves!!

bearRecently more and more women are showing that they love themselves with their bodyhair. More bearded women are to be seen in the world. One of them is Little Bear! In Seattle Little Bear is part of a Freekshow and also she is a freelancer.

This article  tells you more about her thoughts and life! and the YOUTUBE channel of Little Bear

Another Bearded Woman

Amazing was for me to hear, that Harnaam is working as a primary school teacher, or teaching assistant (well the media….everywhere different not knowing what is really true!). I think in the UK this is possible, as the idea in this country is to avoid exclusion and to be open for the differences in people. Whereas in Germany I think it would be quite impossible to work in a school as a bearded woman. Well I might be wrong and things are already changing. But when I was living in Germany they made a documentary about me in which I was looking for a job. We went with the camera to an agency who should find a job for me. The man in charge said well he did find employes that wanted to give me a job because of my CV, but when he mentioned the beard they said no way, the parents of the children would not want this and he was afraid of any problems that could arise from me having a beard.

I think in the UK people have been trained in politeness, open-mindedness, and integration of all kinds of people into the community, so there is a possibility for a woman with a beard to be working as a teacher.

In Germany I don´t know, I guess it is due to the history, and the mentality that comes from this, to be afraid of people that are different and therefore a lack of ability to integrate them into the society. In bigger cities such as Berlin or Hamburg it is more likely but in other parts of Germany there is still a narrow mindedness.

I like that in the past years there are more and more women coming out and showing themselves with a beard.

It is about accepting ourselves and living beyond concepts of how you have to look and to behave.

This gives me hope that one day women with beards and women without will just be the normal picture in society and noone will doubt that it is possible that women have beards, as it was when I grew up.

Another Bearded Woman in Indonesia

A short report about a woman in indonesia, who did hide her beard for many years under a hijab. She wants now to be accepted, as she is and shows her beard in the public. See the video down below for more information

Excerpt of the video:

 “A mum-of-two has bravely embraced her beard after years of hiding behind a hijab. Agustina Dorman, 38, first started sprouting thick facial hair days after giving birth to her first child aged 25. Ever since she has hidden her face under a hijab whenever outside in Penaga village, Indonesia. But she had bravely decided to ditch the clothing and accept her condition – regardless of the stares and unwanted attention she now attracts. Agustina – who also sports a mild moustache and chest hair – says that whenever she attempted to cut or shave the beard she experienced unbearable pain. After several attempts to rid herself of the goatee, she was forced to let it grow. And scared that her children – aged 19 and three – would be bullied for their mother’s appearance, Agustina hid away under the hijab. Among Indonesia’s large Muslim population, Agustina could move about without attracting unwanted attention. But she says her eldest child began to receive taunts from others who found out about their mother’s unusual condition. It led the brave mum-of-two to confront her children’s tormentors by unveiling herself and freely walking around their village for the first time this week. She hopes that through education about her condition, people will become accepting of her appearance. Earlier this year […]”

I have the impression that more and more women want to be themselves and to be accepted as they are.

Skägbokken – New Release in Sweden: Book about Beards!

skäggOn the 6th of September 2013, there will be released a new book about beards in Sweden, with the titel:  “Skäggboken” by  Axel Naver, Eric Thorsson and Anders Bergstedt.

Link to get to the blog about beards by  Axel and Eric:

This book is very interesting, lovely made, great lay out. You can feel the dedication to beards by the ones who made this book! It contains information about the history of beards, style and a lot of interviews with bearded people. I am grateful and very happy that there is also an interview with me in the book!

Link to order this book. It will be released by Kalla kulor förlag on the 6th of September 2013 in Sweden. It has 217 pages and costs around 200 swedish crowns.


Interview in Italy