The Sun UK About Bearded Women

Mariam SUN 2016 MarchToday an article was published in the SUN in the UK written by Diana Appleyard, about three bearded women: Harnaam, Sarah Taylor and myself!

I am happy, that more and more the media is opening up and helping to raise awareness to the reality that some women have facial hair and that women do not have to fight against their body or facial hair. That they can choose to embracee and accept it! For too long women have tried to adapt to ideas of society and now it is time to be free and walk the path they like to walk!

Some women who have a beard might feel between man and woman and I for myself can say I do not feel like a “woman” as defined by society . – We humans can not be divided into only two categories! We all have so many aspects and I feel I have a lot of male but also female aspects so that I cannot say I am just woman in the sense of what women are described to be. The words : Woman – man are labels that take our freedom to be as we are. Why should a man be hard, not cry etc and a woman should behave in a womanlike way not being allowed to sit with legs wide open or climb on trees or repair some items in the house? We are living in a time where we have more and more awareness and are free to live out of this box thinking!

For generations it was not possible for people to live as they would have liked for the social pressures and dependencies. This is so much more possible today and  there might always be some kind of dependency – but we can move towards being as free as we can and want.

Link to the article:



Todays Article from Huffington Post about Little Bear the Bearded Lady!

little bearMore and more bearded women show up especially in the US! Today the Huffington Post published an article and interview podcast with Little Bear woman with a beard, working in a “Freekshow” and also having a “normal” Job as a freelancer and writer. More and more women have the courage to show themselves with a beard. They stop fighting facial or body hair, they stop trying to adapt to social norms and the screaming industry of fashion and cosmetics that try to convince women to style themselves as they dictate in order to be lovable and ok. NO! Women with a beard are as ok as any other human being on this planet!! And the more of us are there and be seen, the more it becomes “normal”.This world is interesting because we are different in character and appearance and we have a lot in common as human beings. Hoping for more respect and openess for Women with beards and all other Gender Queer People!

Hier gehts zum heute erschienenen! Artikel der Huffington Post: (englisch)
Podcast Interview:

Documentary about the body in Canadian TV 5

The Canadian TV 5 is airing a documentary about the body called Corps et Monde made by Philippe Desrosiers and François Bégin.

Tomorrow there will be airing the part about people in Great Britain with several interviews and different aspects of the body, as for example letting grow the hair in the armpits and about Chess Boxing of which I never heard of before!

I had the honor to meet the filmteam in London and there will be an interview with me in it too.

You can see the program at least for a week online on the page of TV5, after it had been aired on TV.

You can see the video on my blog now, after the 10th of april 2014 as the other video links have gone now. (17.5.14)

VIDEO 49 minutes in french

to be seen online till the 10th of april 2014.

Minute 13-19 is about ARMPITS FOR AUGUST followed by a report about a photoexhibition on womens pubic hair, and then minute 23:18-26.28 is a short interview with me.


Preview of the program:



TV Show on German TV “Schwer verliebt”

On the first of January 2012 at 7:00 pm, the german TV chanel Sat1 will show another part of  ” Schwer verliebt”. (WDH. 7.1. 13:25).

I found some photos in the internet and you see them below. On the website of Sat1 there is a  preview for the first of January. The photos are quite nice and I am curious how the show on the first will be… !

If you don´t have the german tv then perhaps you can watch it online here:

There are the videos of the 18th of december 2010 and the preview for January the first 2012.

There will be two more parts of the show on the 8th and 15th of January 2012 in Sat1.

New Video

Sorry someone did delete the video on youtube. You can see more videos about “Schwer verliebt” on the website of Sat 1


This is a video of a TV Show in Germany called “Schwer Verliebt”.

12.5 Million of women in the United States have facial hair!

A video from the PINK RAZOR PROJECT!

Exhibition of Photos by Juan Hein in Italy, December 2011

The Gallery Sturiale in GORIZIA, Italy will show photos of the photographer Juan Hein in early December 2011. Here is the LINK to the article of the gallery.

In the exhibition that is called Sturiale Paper Projects 2  five unique photographs by the photographer, Juan Hein wil be shown. This is one of the photos of the serial.


The Visit –  35 x 35 cm, edition of 7