Todays Article from Huffington Post about Little Bear the Bearded Lady!

little bearMore and more bearded women show up especially in the US! Today the Huffington Post published an article and interview podcast with Little Bear woman with a beard, working in a “Freekshow” and also having a “normal” Job as a freelancer and writer. More and more women have the courage to show themselves with a beard. They stop fighting facial or body hair, they stop trying to adapt to social norms and the screaming industry of fashion and cosmetics that try to convince women to style themselves as they dictate in order to be lovable and ok. NO! Women with a beard are as ok as any other human being on this planet!! And the more of us are there and be seen, the more it becomes “normal”.This world is interesting because we are different in character and appearance and we have a lot in common as human beings. Hoping for more respect and openess for Women with beards and all other Gender Queer People!

Hier gehts zum heute erschienenen! Artikel der Huffington Post: (englisch)
Podcast Interview:


Free to be myself!! More and more bearded women are loving themselves!!

bearRecently more and more women are showing that they love themselves with their bodyhair. More bearded women are to be seen in the world. One of them is Little Bear! In Seattle Little Bear is part of a Freekshow and also she is a freelancer.

This article  tells you more about her thoughts and life! and the YOUTUBE channel of Little Bear

Canadian Radio about Facial Hair

The Canadian Radio CBC will be airing a feature about facial hair.

The pilot of the 10 part series will be airing  thecoming Monday at 12:30pm eastern time. It is a special that you can only listen to live. This is possible by going on the stream on this website:

On the top right hand corner, there is a box titled “Now Playing on CBC Radio.”

Choose Toronto Ontario and then Radio one and the live feed.
There will be interviews with several people about facial hair and I was one of them. I have no idea if my interview will be already on the pilot.

I think it will be very interesting to listen to all the differnt aspects of facial hair like for example religious ones….

You need to convert the time to your time, it is 18:30 in Germany and 17:30 in the UK and Portugal.