“Bubble” in Chalon – Distortions Urbaines 2011 à Chalon

One more thing from the festival in Chalon. Two huge bubbles made of plastic were installed under a bridge in Chalon. Noch ein Nachtrag zu dem Festival von Chalon. Zwei gigantische Luftblasen aus Kunststoff standen unter einer Brücke in Chalon. Inside musicians and dancers dancing in water! The Installation was organized by Transitscape (www.transitscape.net).

Here are two videos that I made of them in Chalon:

and the Video of  Transitscape:


Chalon dans la rue 2011

Metalovoice is one of many groups I saw in Chalon. Men were hitting with sticks on huge metal objets. I had to think of the movie “WATERWORLD”. It was an amazing atmosphere and the sound going deep into the body into every cell. They will also be in Aurillac this year around the 20th of August. On Youtube there is a chanal with their videos.

What else was there to see?!

Fortunetelling was two times thematised. One time it was a machine called PREDICTOMAT – a machine that was constructed similar to the photmachines we have in Germany, but instead of a photo you would receive a card that would tell you something about your future. I wanted to see how that goes, but I did not get a chance. It was booked out…..:(
This machine is new constructed and the makers did not know where and when they would do it next. What a pitty – I liked the idea.

Then there was Emma le Clown – Voyante , who was playing a fortuneteller as a clown.  She was talking a lot and I did hardly understand. So I cannot say if it was good. She was talking about Feng Shui, Shamans, Card Reading, Palm Reading and some other esoteric things….the show endet in a big explosion of the cristal ball that was a ballon!
The Papalagi was performed as a puppettheater very well performed. I loved it. I had read the book long time ago and now I am inspired to read it again. This is a very current theme.

Another puppettheater was “Monsieur Watt”.  A story from La Compagnie la Tognole, that plays on the little table on the foto. It is about an ordinary lamp that is being substituted by a modern energysaving lamp.

Then there was a very special theater for only one person at a time called: Familie Tuvora – with little animated skelettons from rats or mice or other…. these animals were sitting in a little room with a stage a piano a bar and you were listening to them talking and to music. They could move and it was animated by someone who was next to me under the umbrella which was the roof of the little theater! The show lasted 5 minutes and a woman in a corsett, very sexy was calling the people in and bringing them out. I have only the pic you can see.

So again this year there was a lot to be seen, even the weather was bad and rainy quite a lot….but here the last one the angel sitting on the wall of the church!!