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Vivian Wheeler meets her lost son!

Just now I found an article that was released some days ago about Vivian Wheeler, the bearded Woman who holds the worldrecord of having the longest beard for women, now 62 years old, that she found her son who had been adopted, because the father took him away from her in 1977! HERE is the link to the article.

And here is a little movie to be seen.

Vivian Wheeler was born on august 9th in 1948 inAlton Illinois. Today she is living in Bakersfield, USA. When she was born she was born with both male and female organs. They were just seperated by a skin, as in siamese twins. They say she is a hermaphrodite. As the father already had two sons the decision was to take away the male organs and to have a daughter. Later Vivian Wheeler gave birth to a daughter and to a son. The son was taken away by the father and she was desperately seeking for her child for more than 30 years. Now he found her! And she is very happy.

Vivian Wheeler worked in different sideshows as with Ringling  Bros and Barnum and Baileys. More information about Vivian Wheeler can be found in the book of Marc Hartzman American Sideshow. And perhaps other books I do not know yet.

Video 80% girl and 20% boy

This is a video about a person who is XXY and intersexual and raised as a boy, but feeling as a woman and now after 30 years doing the transition to female.

In the video it is said that there are about 40 different gender not only two…