Is the UK more tolerant than Germany? I would say my first impression says yes. And no idea if I will change my opinion.

Countries and people change. I want to speak about the difficulty to find work as a bearded woman. Concerning this, the British have shown much more openess and tolerance than I have seen in Germany!

Some years ago, I was filmed by a TV team that made a test with a hidden camera while I was trying to find a job in Germany. People said in front of the Camera that they have no job for me, but had a job some minutes ago when I phoned them to make the appointment.

A man who recruted people for jobs said that he had found people that would give me a job and that would like my CV, but they were scared to loose clients if I would not get rid of the beard! His opinion was that I cannot get a job as a bearded woman! And I think german people that saw this did not think that what he said was unusual or rude or intolerant.

Telling this to people in the UK I always saw a shocked expression in their face! English people want to be polite and open minded and tolerant. Applying for a job in the UK you need no photo in the CV. And so it did happen that an agency did send me to an office job and I got a temporary job in an office!! Unbelievable in Germany – but seemed easy in the UK.

I think tolerance and open mindedness can be learned and you can teach the children, when they are young. If grown ups behave intolerant and rude the kids will pick it up and reflect it too. So in a way it is the responsibility of the grown ups to behave in a way that teaches the young ones how to live in peace.

I have no idea what is going on in Germany. Germans love to say the truth, and the truth is that humans have a lot of negative thoughts and judgements as the day goes along. I guess Germans love to express what they think and do it sometimes without thinking that it might hurt.

Whereas an english person might have learned to hold the judgment and negative words inside and rather say nothing then to say rude or hurtful words to someone.

I appreciate it if people are honest and truthful. And I appreciate a kind way of being with one another. – A mix would be good. And for sure you cannot say THE germans or THE english, by putting the inhabitants of a country into a box……generalising….I know…and still my mind did generalise….lets say this is how I did perceive most of the people ….and it does not mean all….and I love to learn from the english to be more polite myself….and to see what I can learn from them.