Documentary about the body in Canadian TV 5

The Canadian TV 5 is airing a documentary about the body called Corps et Monde made by Philippe Desrosiers and François Bégin.

Tomorrow there will be airing the part about people in Great Britain with several interviews and different aspects of the body, as for example letting grow the hair in the armpits and about Chess Boxing of which I never heard of before!

I had the honor to meet the filmteam in London and there will be an interview with me in it too.

You can see the program at least for a week online on the page of TV5, after it had been aired on TV.

You can see the video on my blog now, after the 10th of april 2014 as the other video links have gone now. (17.5.14)

VIDEO 49 minutes in french

to be seen online till the 10th of april 2014.

Minute 13-19 is about ARMPITS FOR AUGUST followed by a report about a photoexhibition on womens pubic hair, and then minute 23:18-26.28 is a short interview with me.


Preview of the program:




Talkshow about women that have “male” features

I had been invited to give an interview in a talkshow in the Ukraine. It was great visiting Kiev a wonderful city, that has a special atmosphere for me, somehow felt like coming back to an old ancient mother, a very deep feeling. Later I read, that Kiev was called “Mother Russia”.

I asked my family if there had been any connections with Kiev in the family. My aunt told me, that some of our ancestors once had a stagecoach going between Kiev and some place in todays Poland! Amazing! So many things that I did not know about the ancestors. I believe we feel this connection with a place and the family, when we visit places where some of our ancestors had been living or visiting and that had been important to them somehow.

At this moment people in Kiev are having lots of political fights in the street and I feel sorry, hoping for them to find a peaceful and good solution.

Here is the video of the show, it is in russian,  you can still hear my answers in english,….the show was interesting as there had been invited very different women, some that had trained their muscles, were lesbians, or had a deep voice, or me having a beard. I could follow the talkshow, as I had a little thing in my ear and a translater, who was really doing so well to translate the whole show for me simultaniously! Thanks to him I say here, as I did not have the chance to tell him personally after the show.

One thing really astonished me, that many in the audience had a difficulty to accept that women train their muscles. They said women should be women and men should be men and that a man is strong and a woman is the one that needs the strong man. Well this is one model, that might have been valid for some centuries. On the other hand, there had always been strong women, that were for example living a farmlife and really doing things like they would say are for men. I hope it will be possible to open up the minds of people in order to understand, that there is a great variety of humans in this world and that we do not have to make us fit into a model that the fearful mind of humans created in order to have a system that might take away fears.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to come to Kiev and participate in the talkshow!

Another Bearded Woman in Indonesia

A short report about a woman in indonesia, who did hide her beard for many years under a hijab. She wants now to be accepted, as she is and shows her beard in the public. See the video down below for more information

Excerpt of the video:

 “A mum-of-two has bravely embraced her beard after years of hiding behind a hijab. Agustina Dorman, 38, first started sprouting thick facial hair days after giving birth to her first child aged 25. Ever since she has hidden her face under a hijab whenever outside in Penaga village, Indonesia. But she had bravely decided to ditch the clothing and accept her condition – regardless of the stares and unwanted attention she now attracts. Agustina – who also sports a mild moustache and chest hair – says that whenever she attempted to cut or shave the beard she experienced unbearable pain. After several attempts to rid herself of the goatee, she was forced to let it grow. And scared that her children – aged 19 and three – would be bullied for their mother’s appearance, Agustina hid away under the hijab. Among Indonesia’s large Muslim population, Agustina could move about without attracting unwanted attention. But she says her eldest child began to receive taunts from others who found out about their mother’s unusual condition. It led the brave mum-of-two to confront her children’s tormentors by unveiling herself and freely walking around their village for the first time this week. She hopes that through education about her condition, people will become accepting of her appearance. Earlier this year […]”

I have the impression that more and more women want to be themselves and to be accepted as they are.

Mariam on German TV

UGLY Mariam Setcard

Today there was a small reportage about me on RTL a german TV chanel, in the eveningshow “Explosiv”.


This morning at ITV……

This morning I got up early, after a short night, as I had difficulties to fall asleep.

I had a date with ITV and did spend a wonderful morning  there! Very lovely people that took care of me, and amazing and lovely Phil and Holly interviewing me! They were so calm, and the situation so relaxed that I did feel like sitting in someones living room having a chat! Thank you!

I did google and found so many online papers talking about this interview of today on ITV. I did not expect this!!! And what a pity that I do not have a book ready with all my experiences to share and to earn some money to use for travelling! 🙂 Well I hope there is still time to do so…..

For all the people who came to this page being new to my blog:

This blog is shorter, than my german blog, which has around 1000 articles, not all on the beard and my experience, as I did start to link interesting things about nature and sustainable living on my blog, as this is something I am quite interested in.

I love to share ideas for another living, a colorful and openminded living, spiritual in a way and in respect for all living creatures and plants.

If you would like to read more about my experiences with my beard, you can try to read or translate my german blog and start there on August 8th 2008 to read, as that was the day I did stop plucking my beard.


At the moment I am looking for a nice place to live in Britain. I love the nature, and inspiring people, creative and spiritual people and if anyone has an idea, let me know, I am looking for a room to be used as an atelier, a garden or green space to put my camper, or a little cottage that is affordable.

If you would like to talk with me, then email me, there is an email in the contact button above! I am looking forward to meet new and inspiring people!

Balpreet Kaur – Sikh woman with a beard!

During the last months I did not find any new women with beard, that I did not know. I do not know so many women with a beard, about three in the US and four in Europe. So I was really delighted to hear about Balpreet Kaur. Chris did send me a link to an article about her. Thank you Chris!!

Someone had taken a photo of Balpreet Kaur without her permission, and I know this it often happens to me too, when I am in a public place people especially teenagers try to take photos of me with their cell phones and as the technical standard is getting better this is quite easy without me realising it, and so I guess also Balpreet did not notice. Then the person did post the photo and when Balpreet did hear this she wrote an amazing letter that touched me a lot. She is a wonderful person I think and I am glad that now I know that she is there!  I would love to meet her one day! Here another link to a spanish article. And an Article from Balpreet in .

I do not know how to ask for the permission to use these photos on my blog. If it is not ok let me know and I will remove them. Thank you.

Miss World Magazine in Sweden

The swedish Magazine called “Miss World”   (  will have an interview printed in the next number (number two) that is available from the 20th of September 2012 !