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Please ask before you use any of the pictures on this webside.

If you wish to write me this is the email contact:

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If you want to use any picture from this blog, you need to contact me and get a written permissen!!! I am not allowing any use of my pictures from my blog without a permission by myself!! So please respect this! Thank you!

Please don´t publish any of my pictures without asking. Thank you. The pictures and the content of this page are protected. No comercial use. Thank you.


8 Responses

  1. I think you are a great role model, i consider you a friend and hero to hairy women everywhere. I LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. I just want to commend you for being yourself and for loving who you are.

  3. Mariam, I am glad to see your story. There are many kinds of beauty, and yours shines.

  4. Many soul and luck for you my friend.Many regards and a kiss

  5. Mariam,

    Your story goes beyond courage. It is a story of a woman who’s aware of who she is, a woman who embraces herself the way she is, a woman with the inner strength and self-love to convince the world that it’s perfect to be imperfect. – You are a true inspiration and a role model for the entire world, a world which is probably not ready yet to embrace such a huge amount of wisdom.

    Respect! x

  6. you are so pretty and lovely.
    Just the kind of rolemodel i want my 3 daughters to have!

  7. You go!
    Be yourself.
    A role model for all..

  8. As a young (22 years old) bearded lady myself I’d like to thank you for the inspiration to start loving myself it was watching interviews of you and interviews of harnaam kuar that inspired me one day almost a year ago to stop hiding and to stop shaving. a year on and i love my beard. i just wish people would love it as much as i do. i just have to keep reminding myself thats their problem not mine, but its hard, really hard. anyway thank you for helping me start to come to terms with my body.

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