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Canadian Radio about Facial Hair

The Canadian Radio CBC will be airing a feature about facial hair.

The pilot of the 10 part series will be airing  thecoming Monday at 12:30pm eastern time. It is a special that you can only listen to live. This is possible by going on the stream on this website:


On the top right hand corner, there is a box titled “Now Playing on CBC Radio.”

Choose Toronto Ontario and then Radio one and the live feed.
There will be interviews with several people about facial hair and I was one of them. I have no idea if my interview will be already on the pilot.

I think it will be very interesting to listen to all the differnt aspects of facial hair like for example religious ones….

You need to convert the time to your time, it is 18:30 in Germany and 17:30 in the UK and Portugal.


Is the UK more tolerant than Germany? I would say my first impression says yes. And no idea if I will change my opinion.

Countries and people change. I want to speak about the difficulty to find work as a bearded woman. Concerning this, the British have shown much more openess and tolerance than I have seen in Germany!

Some years ago, I was filmed by a TV team that made a test with a hidden camera while I was trying to find a job in Germany. People said in front of the Camera that they have no job for me, but had a job some minutes ago when I phoned them to make the appointment.

A man who recruted people for jobs said that he had found people that would give me a job and that would like my CV, but they were scared to loose clients if I would not get rid of the beard! His opinion was that I cannot get a job as a bearded woman! And I think german people that saw this did not think that what he said was unusual or rude or intolerant.

Telling this to people in the UK I always saw a shocked expression in their face! English people want to be polite and open minded and tolerant. Applying for a job in the UK you need no photo in the CV. And so it did happen that an agency did send me to an office job and I got a temporary job in an office!! Unbelievable in Germany – but seemed easy in the UK.

I think tolerance and open mindedness can be learned and you can teach the children, when they are young. If grown ups behave intolerant and rude the kids will pick it up and reflect it too. So in a way it is the responsibility of the grown ups to behave in a way that teaches the young ones how to live in peace.

I have no idea what is going on in Germany. Germans love to say the truth, and the truth is that humans have a lot of negative thoughts and judgements as the day goes along. I guess Germans love to express what they think and do it sometimes without thinking that it might hurt.

Whereas an english person might have learned to hold the judgment and negative words inside and rather say nothing then to say rude or hurtful words to someone.

I appreciate it if people are honest and truthful. And I appreciate a kind way of being with one another. – A mix would be good. And for sure you cannot say THE germans or THE english, by putting the inhabitants of a country into a box……generalising….I know…and still my mind did generalise….lets say this is how I did perceive most of the people ….and it does not mean all….and I love to learn from the english to be more polite myself….and to see what I can learn from them.

Once upon a time….there was a bearded lady..

Must have been strange for two women working in a public place where clients come in every day. This morning they had been reading an article about a bearded woman in the metro, a newspaper that is for free on trains and busses  in the UK.

Both had been sharing their thoughts about the article laughing and saying that this was the latest fashion now! A few minutes later, I did enter their workingplace as their client. And they said nothing. They did not show any movement. English people are great in not showing what is going on inside. They have learned to show tolerance and open mindedness or at least a face where you can read nothing from, being polite is important. And I appreciate that. Sometimes it is nice to be treated well instead of having people laughing and joking about me. So this morning they treated me really well. And they did always treat me well. Now we know for a year, as I came in again and again and one of them told me recently this story. I had to laugh. And I am wondering if they had more to say. I might ask again to find out.

I did share the story with a friend of mine and she said: we are living in a world with such a media presence, all the time on the television or internet and papers we are confronted with images, but when it happens, that someone stands in front of us, someone we did see in the media we might react confused or under shock. Two parallel worlds? Talking about a person we see in the media is easy, what if this person comes in a few minutes later and the distant world of a printed picture or video becomes real in 3 D!?








Documentary about the body in Canadian TV 5

The Canadian TV 5 is airing a documentary about the body called Corps et Monde made by Philippe Desrosiers and François Bégin.

Tomorrow there will be airing the part about people in Great Britain with several interviews and different aspects of the body, as for example letting grow the hair in the armpits and about Chess Boxing of which I never heard of before!

I had the honor to meet the filmteam in London and there will be an interview with me in it too.

You can see the program at least for a week online on the page of TV5, after it had been aired on TV.

You can see the video on my blog now, after the 10th of april 2014 as the other video links have gone now. (17.5.14)

VIDEO 49 minutes in french

to be seen online till the 10th of april 2014.

Minute 13-19 is about ARMPITS FOR AUGUST followed by a report about a photoexhibition on womens pubic hair, and then minute 23:18-26.28 is a short interview with me.


Preview of the program:

(LINK: http://www.tv5.ca/emissions/corps-et-monde-100446316/angleterre-100447837.html)



These are some of the new fingerpuppets! You can order them, just write me an email (find it in the contact) or write in the field down below. The prices are 13 – 16 € ordering from Germany and 13-15 pounds if ordering from the UK + postage. I can make some individual ones as you like them, depending on what you want we can discuss the price. Looking forward to your orders!

Fingerpuppen Februar 2014 043Fingerpuppen Februar 2014 059Fingerpuppen Februar 2014 087 Fingerpuppen Februar 2014 079 Fingerpuppen Februar 2014 057Fingerpuppen Februar 2014 064

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Another Bearded Woman

Amazing was for me to hear, that Harnaam is working as a primary school teacher, or teaching assistant (well the media….everywhere different not knowing what is really true!). I think in the UK this is possible, as the idea in this country is to avoid exclusion and to be open for the differences in people. Whereas in Germany I think it would be quite impossible to work in a school as a bearded woman. Well I might be wrong and things are already changing. But when I was living in Germany they made a documentary about me in which I was looking for a job. We went with the camera to an agency who should find a job for me. The man in charge said well he did find employes that wanted to give me a job because of my CV, but when he mentioned the beard they said no way, the parents of the children would not want this and he was afraid of any problems that could arise from me having a beard.

I think in the UK people have been trained in politeness, open-mindedness, and integration of all kinds of people into the community, so there is a possibility for a woman with a beard to be working as a teacher.

In Germany I don´t know, I guess it is due to the history, and the mentality that comes from this, to be afraid of people that are different and therefore a lack of ability to integrate them into the society. In bigger cities such as Berlin or Hamburg it is more likely but in other parts of Germany there is still a narrow mindedness.

I like that in the past years there are more and more women coming out and showing themselves with a beard.

It is about accepting ourselves and living beyond concepts of how you have to look and to behave.

This gives me hope that one day women with beards and women without will just be the normal picture in society and noone will doubt that it is possible that women have beards, as it was when I grew up.

Documentary about people living in caves: No place on earth

I just watched the german american documentary “No place on earth” which they did show on german TV. It is an interesting documentary about Jews during WWI hiding in a cave under the earth for more than 500 days! 500 days without any daylight, for most of them, well some men had to go up and find food, but the women never got out or the children! And I was imagining how that is, not seeing the green of the plants or the sunlight the colors and how amazing it must be then after this time to be back out there in this brightness and wonder! I think you would get a feeling of wonder and would appreciate everything very much, the food as well, which was very short then.

I did like the film. Some of the survivors are being interviewed in the documentary and visit one more time the caves together with some of their grandchildren. Amazing to see.

Here is a trailer followed by an interview with Janet Tobias the director of the documentary and Judy Gelman Myers on Shalom TV where they speak about making the film:


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