Married Women with beards – they exist!

To say there were no married bearded women is untrue! around 1900 some bearded women were married, and it might be that some men only had in mind to make big money with them this we don´t know for sure.

bearded woman in kasachstanIn Kasakhstan lives an old woman of 65 years and she says that her husband likes the beard and that it even is a secret for her long marriage!

annalisa hackleman sunnyvale california

Another married woman shown in a video below is  Annalisa Hackleman.

In Indonesia lives  Agustina Dorman a mother and married woman with a beard. There was no video right now in english they might have been deleted.


Day 299 with a beard

Tussi Lounge berlinToday I met another woman who has a lot of facial hair. She has big difficulties living with this and Akte 09 made another report about her. I did meet her and we had a talk which was filmed and the whole story will be shown in German TV, Sat 1, tuesday the 3rd of june 2009, at 22.20. So if you receive german tv you might be interested in watching this.

Living with a beard

foto007More than 20 years I was plucking out my beard with the tweezers. Every day I did spend a lot lof time doing this. In a workshop with Byron Katie I realized that my beard was part of my body and that it is there and should be there. Some time later in August 2008 I deceided to let it grow and to see what would happen to me and how I would feel.

All the fears that I had were bigger than what really happened. The beard helps me to go my way and not to be distracted so easily. I can´t do jobs that are not mine anyway. Could not work as a secretary in an office where the women need to represent the firm. Perhaps if it was a firm selling products for beards….

foto528I was travelling and moving around with the beard the last months and the reactions varied from town to town. From country to country. The freaks accepted it more, than “normal” people. Teens where screeming and amazed. Some teens even said it was cool. Some women admired me for my courage and some elderly women and also my mother said it was ugly and I should shave. They did not understand it at all how I could do this.

foto237In the beginning, during the first months it was odd for me to look into the mirror. The longer I am now with the beard the more it is part of me and the more I love it. I would like to wear costumes from around 1600 or to work on a medieval market. I feel like travelling in time, looking the way I look. Curious to where my travel will lead me.

The beard of the walrus helps the animal to find his way. When I started to let my beard grow I didn´t know about the beard of the walrus, but I had the same idea, that the beard will show me my way.