There is a video now on Youtube on the Christiania TV Chanel about the Circus Spektakulum 2010 in Christiania. This festival took place in August 2010 in Christiania, Kopenhagen, Denmark. Participating in the festival were Circo Paniko, Coliflor, Twisted Fairground, Brunett Bros, Karl Stets, me and many more.

It was such a great festival! So many creative people that turned the place into a magic place!

See yourself in the video how it looked!

The first video is 12 minutes. The first 5:30 minutes you see the game of throwing the plates. Damian from Circo Paniko is participating in the game. Then you see pictures of the make up and dressing tent with an interview of one of the main organisators of the festival – the interview is in danish, so I did not understand what they say…then you see some of the people that prepared special food and drinks…

And at 6:50 till the end, there comes an interview with me in front of my hut. I was a bit surprised and not prepared when I was filmed and not yet in my “workingdress” ….so feeling a bit uncomfortable about it….but it is as it is..natural….and without any makeup or preparation….

then I discovered some more videos from that festival….here they are:

Brunette Bros

Coliflor!! Akrobatic, Theater and Music – Just great!




Some photos of the stand fot the BEARDED WOMAN.

These pictures are not the best and also the stand will be improved. In a while I will put some more pictures on the blog.

You can book me now with the stand for festivals or markets. Just write to the email adress you find under the contact above and I will tell you the details. I speak and understand several languages. English, German, French and some Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.