Three Bearded Women – Bearded Women United!

bearded wp,em imotedAnother article about bearded women within 24 hours!! This time it is a short article about Harnaam Kaur, Little Bear and me!! Today online in Daily

Different thoughts come up in my mind pros and cons about this article. I am upset that they can use our photos without letting us know or paying us….but for myself I know that I did sign a contract with ITV that makes that possible. On the other hand it is great that they publish our photos and write an article, as more people get informed about bearded women, and other women they might get encouraged to love and accept themselves with all their bodyissues more. And people get used to the appearance of bearded women. – So thank you for this article in Daily Bhaskar!!


Another Bearded Woman

Amazing was for me to hear, that Harnaam is working as a primary school teacher, or teaching assistant (well the media….everywhere different not knowing what is really true!). I think in the UK this is possible, as the idea in this country is to avoid exclusion and to be open for the differences in people. Whereas in Germany I think it would be quite impossible to work in a school as a bearded woman. Well I might be wrong and things are already changing. But when I was living in Germany they made a documentary about me in which I was looking for a job. We went with the camera to an agency who should find a job for me. The man in charge said well he did find employes that wanted to give me a job because of my CV, but when he mentioned the beard they said no way, the parents of the children would not want this and he was afraid of any problems that could arise from me having a beard.

I think in the UK people have been trained in politeness, open-mindedness, and integration of all kinds of people into the community, so there is a possibility for a woman with a beard to be working as a teacher.

In Germany I don´t know, I guess it is due to the history, and the mentality that comes from this, to be afraid of people that are different and therefore a lack of ability to integrate them into the society. In bigger cities such as Berlin or Hamburg it is more likely but in other parts of Germany there is still a narrow mindedness.

I like that in the past years there are more and more women coming out and showing themselves with a beard.

It is about accepting ourselves and living beyond concepts of how you have to look and to behave.

This gives me hope that one day women with beards and women without will just be the normal picture in society and noone will doubt that it is possible that women have beards, as it was when I grew up.


There is a video now on Youtube on the Christiania TV Chanel about the Circus Spektakulum 2010 in Christiania. This festival took place in August 2010 in Christiania, Kopenhagen, Denmark. Participating in the festival were Circo Paniko, Coliflor, Twisted Fairground, Brunett Bros, Karl Stets, me and many more.

It was such a great festival! So many creative people that turned the place into a magic place!

See yourself in the video how it looked!

The first video is 12 minutes. The first 5:30 minutes you see the game of throwing the plates. Damian from Circo Paniko is participating in the game. Then you see pictures of the make up and dressing tent with an interview of one of the main organisators of the festival – the interview is in danish, so I did not understand what they say…then you see some of the people that prepared special food and drinks…

And at 6:50 till the end, there comes an interview with me in front of my hut. I was a bit surprised and not prepared when I was filmed and not yet in my “workingdress” ….so feeling a bit uncomfortable about it….but it is as it is..natural….and without any makeup or preparation….

then I discovered some more videos from that festival….here they are:

Brunette Bros

Coliflor!! Akrobatic, Theater and Music – Just great!


Day 366 – Birthday of the beard! One year old

Frau mit Bart 04. August 2009Today the beard got one year old! Happy Birthday! Birthday cake and a candle?! Would be nice to make a party today!

My birthday, some time ago, was not important to me,….but this birthday, I feel is important to me. Well it is the first one and something special to have the beard now for one year!

Some did ask me: Now after one year, will you shave again and get rid of the beard? Wasn´t it meant to be an experiment for one year?

NO. After all that I realized in this one year, it would be paradox to shave or plug out the hair again.  – It would be back to normal life! To adapt, as usual. How else do you want to find a job!

I am still thinking about whether I should make it a bit shorter or not. ….Something inside of me doesn´t want to cut. And then I hear the thought: This looks quite wild. Shorter is more beautiful. Beautiful? What ideal of beauty? Interesting thinking about this: Would I trim the beard to please me? Or would I only do it to please the others?

The waggish side of me wants to have a wild beard. The wild woman wants to express and to come out! She wants to do funny crazy things. Wants to show and play with the way she looks! Living the wild side is  fun, and gives a feeling of being alive! Remember the 10 points of Patch Adams?

  1. Turn off your TV and become interesting. Perform yourself.
  2. Consider being silly in public. Sing out loud. Wear funny stuff. (these are just 2 out of 10 points that he prescribes)

To shave the beard, would just be to have my peace and to adapt and try to please the ideal of beauty, that the mass is adapting to. I would cut it out of fear to be rejected. And then I would be there, where I started when I was plucking out the hair on my chin.

I like myself with the beard. It feels consistent.

About this subject I had been thinking a lot during this one year. If I want to have my peace, I withdraw myself from the people. This I already did without the beard. It is not necessary to cut the beard to be in peace. The past two weeks, I did withdraw. First I did not understand why, and then I realized that I had worked too much and had gone over my limits. In these times I need to withdraw to refill the bateries with or without having a beard.  – This I wrote, because some people think the beard makes my live so hard, that I should cut it. But the beard is a friend that makes me understand so many things about life and myself.

Day 312 Shopping in Vienna

Half the day I spent in the atelier of my friend. Then I had to go, as she and her boyfriend needed time to be alone.

Tram WienWith the “Tram” I went to the woman, I just met a few days ago on the train. She  had invited me to stay with her for a couple of days. She is living in a studentsappartment. Another part of the town, another atmosphere. She wellcomed me and we had a lot to talk about, so that we hardly went to bed. Tomorrow she has to get up early to work.

And I will meet a relative, who is an elder lady. We last met one year ago, when I had no beard. I think she is a tolerant person, but I already told her on the phone about my beard, so she would be prepared and not be shocked….

In the evening we went shopping. German ALDI ist called HOFER in Austria and as they already closed at 7 pm. We went to ZIELPUNKT which is the german PLUS and closes at 7.30pm, so we still had a chance to get some food.

Hundekot in die TüteIn the shop the lady on the counter stared at me for some time. Then she asked: Are you man or woman? Why don´t you shave? Well its your buisiness, tastes are different. And still looked a bit confused.

Today I did not like to be stared at on the way to the studentsappartments. If I do not have enough sleep like the past days, I want to be left alone and to see no people. But this would be the same, if I had no beard.

Woman with beard

Living with a beard

foto007More than 20 years I was plucking out my beard with the tweezers. Every day I did spend a lot lof time doing this. In a workshop with Byron Katie I realized that my beard was part of my body and that it is there and should be there. Some time later in August 2008 I deceided to let it grow and to see what would happen to me and how I would feel.

All the fears that I had were bigger than what really happened. The beard helps me to go my way and not to be distracted so easily. I can´t do jobs that are not mine anyway. Could not work as a secretary in an office where the women need to represent the firm. Perhaps if it was a firm selling products for beards….

foto528I was travelling and moving around with the beard the last months and the reactions varied from town to town. From country to country. The freaks accepted it more, than “normal” people. Teens where screeming and amazed. Some teens even said it was cool. Some women admired me for my courage and some elderly women and also my mother said it was ugly and I should shave. They did not understand it at all how I could do this.

foto237In the beginning, during the first months it was odd for me to look into the mirror. The longer I am now with the beard the more it is part of me and the more I love it. I would like to wear costumes from around 1600 or to work on a medieval market. I feel like travelling in time, looking the way I look. Curious to where my travel will lead me.

The beard of the walrus helps the animal to find his way. When I started to let my beard grow I didn´t know about the beard of the walrus, but I had the same idea, that the beard will show me my way.