The Visit by Juan Hein Exhibition in Buenos Aires 2015

In 2010 the photographer Juan Hein took photos of me in Copenhagen Denmark.

The photographic work with the title: “The Visit” was created. In October 2015 these photos were exhibited in a galerie in Buenos Aires!

It is amazing how far they have traveled! It is the third place where they are being shown after   having been shown in Denmakr and Italy in the past years.

juan hein the visit buenos aires




The photographer Juan Hein – The visit – Video

While I was staying in Copenhagen with the circus, some months ago, I met the photographer Juan Hein. We did spend the afternoon walking around the lake in Christiania. There Juan Hein made some photos of me with the polaroidcamera.

Impossible a young enterprise is now again producing the polaroidfilm! So it was possible to make photos with one of their films which is in sepia.

The five photos taken by Juan Hein, that day were exhibited on 18th of september 2010, in Spark Gallery in Copenhagen.

He made a little film about the exhibition. Here it is: